A rare copy of super mario 64 ds video game is auctioned at a price of $ 1.56 M

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A rare copy of super mario 64 ds video game is auctioned at a price of $ 1.56 M : Tech News Report

3D platform game super mario 64 ds released for the Japan’s Nintendo 64 and North America in 1996, and Europe and Australia in 1997. Super Mario 64 isn’t the first 3D platformer game, but they coding a lot of controls and designs in this genre. As the first 3D Mario game, Super Mario introduced 64 different moves, including triple jumps, ground jumps, long jumps, dips and somersaults, used in the Super Mario series latest version. Punch and Punch are also introduced but do not appear in the following titles. In this game, Charles Martinet played the role of Peach in the West as Mario (the first game in the Super Mario series to include his voice) and Princess Toad’s chair in the series.

This game was and contributed to one of two titles released for the Nintendo 64 and Pilotwings 64 (three in Japan). To boost console sales, since its launch, Super Mario 64 has been recognized as one of the bestest and most popular games of the century.

As of January 7, 2017, Super Mario 64 has sold over 11 million copies worldwide and picked the best-selling and the most popular Nintendo 64 game. Since June 2007, the game has been called Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario 64 has been auctioned

Video game auctions are huge today because people want to pay millions or even billions of dollars for classic video games like 3d Super Mario. It is awarded the highest Super Mario score in a legacy auction in 1996.

Super Mario 64 is the first time Nintendo’s main character has appeared in a 3D video game. Most of the performance of side-scrolling games like Mario, 2D games and Super Mario Bros. to date. For Famicom.

In a statement, Heritage Auctions video game expert Valerie McCluskey said the title is very important to the entire video game, not just the story of Mario and Nintendo. After winning auction on Big Buck last Friday, Heritage announced that it would sell a rare version of the 1987 Famicom game The Legend of Zelda for $870,000.

A rare version of the Nintendo 64 video game’s super mario 64 ds has been auctioned off for $1.56 million.


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