“House of the Dragon” Episode 8 Release Date and Time & Where to Watch?

house of the dragon
house of the dragon episode 8

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Through the first 4 episodes of House of the Dragons we have already been introduced to several of the influential houses of Westeros. House of the Dragon is finally teasing the much-awaited clash between fire and blood. Thus far, Alyssant Hightower has maintained a good and friendly relationship with the Rhaenys Targaryens; However, this may change in the upcoming episodes.

house of the dragon
house of the dragon

As the prequel is almost at the halfway point, more surprises are unfolding in the Red Keep. The final episode sees the return of Daemon after winning the gruesome Battle of the Stepstones. After the chaotic mess of episode four, some good news is finally coming to Westeros. The new installment will have a grand celebration of Princess Rahenara’s wedding. However, Yuvraj could no longer hold his position in King’s Landing. After a huge turn of events, the time has come for the release of “House of the Dragon” episode 8. It is scheduled to arrive on 18 September- 2022, at 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time / 9:00 P.M. Eastern Time

“House of the Dragon” Episode 8 Where to Watch?

"House of the Dragon" Episode 8 Where to Watch?
“House of the Dragon” Episode 8, Image : HBO

Like season four, the new episode 8 will be available on the HBO cable network and online on HBO Max. However, the HBO cable network and HBO Max platform are unavailable in many regions, so for other viewers, it will be available on Disney+ Hotstar.

house of the dragon

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