Layoffs in Twitter India: How much are FIRED workers being paid?

In the wake of Musk taking control of Twitter last week and introducing sweeping changes, including the option to moderate content, companies are under increasing pressure to try to avoid using Twitter.

Layoffs in Twitter India: In a statement, Elon Musk, the new head of Twitter, defended the decision to sack almost 50% of the company’s workforce. Twitter is operating at a loss as several advertisers have suspended ad spending, according to the billionaire.

One of the most prominent brands that has paused its advertising on Twitter already includes Volkswagen AG, General Motors, Pfizer Inc, and United Airlines, among others. In the wake of Musk taking control of Twitter last week and introducing sweeping changes, including the option to moderate content, companies are under increasing pressure to try to avoid using Twitter.

As Musk announced shortly before taking over the social media company last week, he promised advertisers that he would not let Twitter become a “free-for-all hellscape.” Musk said this was an indication that there would be consequences for violators of its policies against violence and misinformation related to Covid.

Layoffs in Twitter India
Layoffs in Twitter India

Layoffs in Twitter India:

Under Elon Musk’s ownership, Twitter Inc has begun laying off employees. According to Reuters, the San Francisco-based company will terminate up to 3,700 employees on Friday – half of its workforce. It is already my understanding that Twitter faces a proposed class action lawsuit alleging that it has planned layoffs and will violate U.S. and California laws if it fails to provide advance notice or severance pay to employees.

The social media platform Twitter has been hit by layoffs. A number of reports have emerged from around the world of mass shootings. The Twitter India office has also experienced a massive reduction in staff with many still claiming around 85 percent of their employees have been laid off. There has been a roller coaster ride for Twitter employees today as Elon Musk finally broke his silence regarding the layoffs after a roller coaster day.

The Twitter India team has been “significantly” impacted by the nationwide layoffs at the social networking platform. Most of the about the 250-member team has been fired, a week after Elon Musk purchased the company for $44 billion.

There have been layoffs in all business verticals in India, including communications, marketing, and partnerships. As per a source, it seems that at least 50%-60% of the company’s employees have been let go, although there is no specific number. The Majority of the employees retained work in the sales department.

In regards to Twitter reducing its staff, there’s not a lot of choice when they’re losing over $4M a day. “Everyone who left was offered two months of severance, which is 50% more than is legal,” Musk said in a tweet.

Several sources have reported that the entire marketing and communications department in India has been sacked.

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How much are “FIRED” workers being paid?

Twitter sent a letter to all employees about the upcoming layoffs on Thursday. In the letter, the employees were asked to stay home, and those who were already on their way were asked to return. As a result of a problem with the internal systems of the company on Friday, Twitter employees began sharing messages claiming that the company’s internal services were not accessible to them. The official email account of the company was logged out by many users.

Additionally, Musk mentioned the amount of money the company will pay to fired employees. Twitter will pay Musk 3 months’ salary as severance pay. As a consequence, he claimed that the amount paid to the employees amount to 50 percent more than what is legally required to be paid to them.

Before Elon Musk Takeover

There were reports that Musk would lay off employees after he bought Twitter. There are even some who say that 75 percent of the workforce will be gone. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, however, denied that claim after taking over Twitter’s reins. There’s no word yet on how big the layoffs will be. A reported 85% of Twitter India’s employees have left the company. Taking to social media, these employees share their experiences. There has been no official announcement from Twitter regarding these figures.

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