Most popular and Best Android Apps 2023

android apps 2023

Android is currently a popular mobile operating platform, with millions of applications being created for Android every day worldwide. Not all apps made for Android can be good and popular. From the Millions of Android apps ,we have come up with a list of the most popular Android apps by choosing from the Best Android Apps 2023 that need to be available on your mobile. You will definitely benefit from seeing this list.


The choice may be different, but everyone likes music. If you don’t know how these online music listening services work, you’re not alone. As a result, there are many great applications that you can use to listen to your music collection without an internet connection. Here are our best offline music player apps for Android.

1. Poweramp

Poweramp, one of the most popular music player apps on our list, is another exclusivity for Android devices. It gives its users the ability to use a 10-band equalizer and also adjust the pitch and bottom of your songs directly in the app.

It supports many file formats, including MP3, MP4, WAV, FLAC and more. For more information about Poweramp, click on the link in the Google Play Store .

2. Pixel Player

If you are not satisfied with the ignition options mentioned so far, we recommend trying Pixel Player. It’s not that famous, but it’s very nice.

Let me tell you, Pixel only supports popular file formats. There is a 5 band equalizer and various customizations. Best of all, Pixel Player can analyze what you’re listening to and design lots of music to suit your preferences.

Pixel + Music Player is also available. Deletes ads and opens all functions.

3. Deezer Android Apps

Deezer has some popular features that make you choose Deezer apps as the best offline music player. The most popular feature is that you can use a huge Boro monthly library, but again it is possible to use this library in offline mode.

It allows you to stream all newly released songs, all your favorite songs, hits, etc., and you can even use “Shuffle” mode to find new songs you’ve never heard before. And if songs aren’t the only thing you want in a music streaming app, then Deezer also gives you access to many popular podcasts, such as radio stations. However, the main feature we are interested in, the offline listening mode, is only available within premium subscribers.

If you’re connected to the internet, you can download your favorite songs and podcasts and listen without WiFi or an internet connection.

And you get a lot of other premium features, such as a premium subscription, because you won’t see annoying ads, you can skip songs you don’t like, you get, among other things, very good sound quality.

Best of all, Deezer offers many subscription plans, such as Deezer Family & Deezer Student, so you can get the best benefits at the best price.

4. Napster

Napster, formerly known as Rhapsody, was a pioneer of the music streaming race. Napster has millions of popular songs in its repertoire of countless music artists and DJs. Users love friendly interfaces, and reviews place Napster mobile applications in the most intuitive user interface ever created in the music streaming industry. Song Search is better than Spotify than other offline music streaming applications.

Napster is a premium application with two paid subscription packages. Only the basic package will leave you without listening to music via WiFi. You can use it for free with 14 days free trial.

5. BlackPlayer Android Apps 2022

BlackPlayer is the best free music player we have ever used. It is clean, modern, beautiful to look at, easy to navigate and full of features. You get a five-band equalizer, gap-free playback, scrobbling and a sleep timer. The premium version, BlackPlayer EX has many more nextgen customizations. A little cost will get this special benefit..

6. Musify Android Apps 2022

This is 100% free to use offline android apps 2022 for music that allows you to listen to an unlimited songs and it is remarked as one of the best music apps that do not require Wifi offline. It’s like a music community where you can discover new music tracks and also interact with other music lovers. Based on your listening and preferences, you will get recommendations for other similar music tracks. This application imports music tracks from SoundCloud and other music sharing sites. You will love it for free music without WiFi.

The music library of this offline music application is not limited to pre-recorded songs. You can also stream live concerts, remixes, DJ sets and more. This application also supports background music player and iPod playlists. This application allows you to download an unlimited amount of music. You can listen any music before you download.

7. Shazam Android Apps 2022

Shazam is one of the most widely used and best applications in the Apple ecosystem. It’s not just a music player application, it allows you to instantly find and listen to songs by anonymous artists. !

In scenarios like this, you can easily open Shazam to instantly “listen” to what he’s playing and tell you who’s singing and even the title of the song. From here, you can search for a song on any platform and download it.

8. BlackPlayer EX Android Apps 2022

BlackPlayer Ex is a powerful music player with very simple and easy user interface. It works on a card design and you need to customize the cards one by one if you want to customize. It’s conveniently easy and a great choice for fans of minimalism. The free version is a bit naked and the paid version offers even more features. Fortunately, the pro version is not expensive. Since our July 2019 update, the free version of BlackPlayer appears to be down. We’ll be back in a few months to see if it comes back. 10. DoubleTwist music player.

Now it’s in the tree and it’s a good general music player. The free version has a solid offer, including almost every base. You get support for the most popular FLAC and ALAC audio codecs, Chromecast support, and you can also get Android Auto support. There is an optional Apple AirPlay support ($ 5.99) And a premium version (8.99) that adds AirPlay support with a lot more. Also, the free version allows you to use streaming of local radio stations. The premium version has the feature of avoiding silence. Although it is quite expensive, it is a very good music player.

Best Screen Recording : Most popular android apps 2022

We love Android because of its customization capabilities compared to other mobile OSes, but if there’s one thing that’s missing from the Android OS, it’s the ability to record screens without using third-party apps.

If you are looking for the best screenshots app for Android, then you are at the right place because we have put together the 6 best screenshots apps for you.

It has a variety of tools, including many apps that can be installed from the Google Play store. With Android 10, Google was able to hide the most important features, such as dark mode and privacy settings. But what is lost for a long time may be a simple feature called screen recording.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is the most common application on our list. It comes with tools that allow you to edit the recorded video, such as editing or poisoning it. It also allows you to set the recording resolution, frames per second (FPS), bit rate and orientation, and more. This includes the special feature of time-lapse video. You can also highlight. You can transfer videos with your computer via the Wifi Transfer feature. And most importantly, it does not require any access rights other than viewing through other applications for the floating bubble tool to control the recording. The app is also available in a premium version for $ 2.99 to unlock locked devices and receive ads. Overall, this is a great app to help you if you need to show your mom how to use emoticons.

2. Screen Recorder – no ads

With a name that is short and honest, Screen Recorder – No Ads makes up our list. This makes uploading videos extremely easy. The blue button starts a screen capture and a small handy widget appears on each screen you see on your phone.

The best application for Android screen recording Screen Recorder without ads. It can record up to 120 frames per second in HD (if it can on your screen) and you can add a variety of smashes to your recordings, such as logos, images and text. Of course, you can change the microphone so that you can speak your recordings, and there is also the option of Facecam if you are trying to make a recording that looks professional ‘Let’s Play’. You can use it in day or night mode and it includes some nice editing features such as video editing (of course) and the ability to take notes while recording.

3. Mobizen Screen Recorder

It is an easy-to-use screen capture application that supports Full HD recording with 12.0 Mbs and 60 frames per second. The recorded screen can be stored on an external SD memory card, so you can record indefinitely. Many video editing features such as cropping, trimming, etc. are supported to enhance the uploaded file. There is no forced watermark on videos recorded with this Android VCR.

4. ScreenCam Screen Recorder:

ScreenCam is a great application for uploading Android screens without root privileges. ScreenCam Screen Recorder is the best application for Android to record screens without watermark. ScreenCam supports all versions of Lollipops for Android. In the settings you can choose different screen resolutions, bitrate and even frames per second. If you are a youtuber, then for videos of the highest quality you need a high bit rate and a high frame rate per second. So this application can be very useful for you.

ScreenCam features:ScreenCam has no ads !! No need to root permissions You are able to record with the help of microphone hoben. The design has a simple user interface. You can select any folder to save the video. Because ScreenCam supports custom storage folders. You can also stop recording or resume recording from the floating window. However, we are sorry you can only use this feature from Android 7.0+. Install ScreenCam Screen Recorder app from the Play store.

5. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder from ByteRev is a reliable video recorder with many features that you may not be able to implement. The application allows you to record the screen of your phone using two opposing machines that are accessible. Geeky users will feel right at home if you want to change different resolutions, framerate, bitrate, as well as draw and write a clip. The fastest is the countdown, with which you can prepare 3 seconds before the start of the recording! Fussy!

6. RecMe Free Screen Recorder

RecMe is one of the few screen capture applications that can record internal audio or video when used on a root device. If you’re not root, you can’t take advantage of the internal audio feature, but you’ll still have enough playback for screen recording, including video quality of up to 60 frames per second 1080p, front / rear camera overlay (for users), and microphone recording.

best-android-screen-recording-apps-recme. The user interface is nice and friendly – the material design of this aesthetic looks like an official screen capture application can be integrated into your phone. When we talk about it, we get to the next on our list.

Best Folder Lock Apps : Most popular android apps 2022

Everyone wants some private space to store their personal belongings, without exception when it comes to securing their folders on your smartphone. There is always a feeling of fear when you give someone your phone and you do not want them to see documents, videos, photos or other files. But how can you keep your files locked or hidden on your Android phone? Of course, it’s all about Android mapslot applications. There are hundreds of them in the Google Play store, but in this article you will find the best ones you can trust.

1. Gallery safe

Gallery Vault is a map slot application for Android devices. Among all map slot applications, the Vault Gallery has many features. That it is a popular application for locking folders among Android users. There are many privacy options in this app that you can use. If you don’t want anyone to see your pictures, videos, documents, or other files, you can lock them using the Vault Gallery app on your Android device. The Vault Gallery has over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store and an average of 4.6 * user ratings.

Gallery Vault can even hide the icon of this application, so no one can see that it is installed on your device. If you use this application to lock a file or folder, the files are automatically encrypted. You can use a password or a fingerprint or pattern lock to lock files on your device. However, one of the most interesting parts of this application is that you can place a fake passcode option in this application. If you enter a fake password, the fake application password will be displayed. Therefore, the original files or folders are protected. Overall, Gallery Vault is an advanced map slots application for Android devices. And you can safely get it to your device.

2. Folder slot

Folder Lock is one of the most useful folder locking apps for Android. It is one of the top rated Android security apps available in the Google Play Store and the most popular app in this category.

Folder Lock allows you to set a password to monitor all types of data on your smartphone, including files, videos, photos, documents, contacts, SMS and applications. It’s easy – just click on the file you want to hide, enter the password and you’re done. Your file is well protected and no one but you can have it!

The interface is easy to use and well organized. It has three different security methods from which you can choose out-password, image code and PIN code. Folder Lock is an early security application that you can use to protect your most important files from prying eyes.

3. HideX

HideX logoHideX is an application that allows you to securely hide private photos or videos on your phone. With this program, you can easily create a secure secret repository for your photos and videos. You can use HideX app to protect entire photo albums on your android phone from unauthorized access. Just add it to the repository and set a password for access.

Most importantly, however, the program mimics a regular calculator, so no one can guess about their hidden photos. And if someone accidentally discovers the safe and enters the wrong password, the program will take a picture of the thief.

4. Secure folder

This is a great application from Samsung Electronics Co. It has all the basic features needed to secure information.

But that’s not the most important part. Secure Folder is the simplest application. You do not need any specific instructions and instructions. Just go to android play store and download the Secure folder app and use all the features.

If you do not feel safe, you can use another password, PIN or pattern. The application separates your data from other files so that your files are not infected or stolen from your phone.

The application is based on a Samsung account, so all you need is your smartphone and account. The secure folder is only available in the official version of the software. The secure folder contains in-app purchases and ads.

5. Calculator storage

Calculator Vault is very similar to the above mentioned Smart Hide Calculator. In addition, it is a full-fledged calculator application, but inside it is a password-protected safe. To access the vault, you must enter the access code into the calculator interface. You can use Calculator storage for almost any type of file in a password-protected vault. You can save applications and documents using Calculator Vault.

6. File lock

File Locker is considered one of the best free map slot applications for Android devices. This is another good folder that locks the app on the list that is used to protect your personal information. All files in File Locker are fully protected and you can set passwords so that others can easily hide them. You must enter your unique password or security questions to access your protected files.

Not all protected folders and files added to File Locker will be included in your smartphone’s file manager. This reduces your chances of mixing your data and also gives you instant, stress-free access to your data. You can also use this option to load old data and create cloned folders.

7. FileSafe

Last but not least, the Filesafe application in our list is the Filesafe application.. If you need a simple and easy-to-understand folder lock app for Android, you can install this app on your device. Filesafe is a free folder lock app for Android. You can use FileSafe app to lock any folders or files on your device. Along with locking media files such as photos and videos, you can lock an entire folder in this application. Compared to other apps on our list, Filesafe is less popular. It has more than 500,000 downloads in the Google Play Store and has an average of 4.1 * user ratings. Filesafe is a completely free application that helps you lock media files and folders on your Android device. The quick interface of this application will help you easily lock folders

Best Lock Screen android apps 2022

As Android has evolved over the years, lock screen replacement apps have grown to support a good customer experience. New features such as chipset and OEM unlocking methods have been added to the apps. Now they are easily available on the Play Store and we will help you choose the best one.

Here is a list of the best lock screen apps for Android 2021 especially for you!

1. Next lock screen

This is Microsoft’s entry into the lock screen space, offering a clean, professional look. You have a list view of notifications and the ability to customize them to show the weather forecast and launch apps. The uniqueness of Next Lock Screen is that a full home screen takes one step back to the lock screen.

2. Always on AMOLED

Always On AMOLED isn’t exactly a lock screen app, but it emulates the lock screen. It emulates the always-on display feature and displays things like the time, notifications, and other things on the screen. This app is perfect for those who have an OLED or AMOLED panel. It works on IPS screens, but it loses a lot of gloss and looks bad. Always on AMOLED is free, but you can get the Pro version for $ 1.99 with an in-app purchase.

3.WidgetLocker lock screen

This is the best I have tried. Widget Locker is exactly what it looks like: a lock screen customization tool that gives you tons of options for apps and widgets. Whatever you can do, WidgetLocker basically turns your lock screen into another page of apps. Widget lock android lock screen

If this isn’t what you want, don’t worry. Optionally, though, it’s great to crawl the text of the Messages widget on your lock screen. I really liked being able to quickly turn on my phone and check for updates.

Then there are the sliders. You can assign different actions to each slider, e.g. B. unlock your phone (a real shock there), launch apps, or even mute the ringer volume. Cursors can be resized to your heart’s content, moved around the screen, and resized graphically. If you know Adobe Illustrator, you can even import your own icons. I use WidgetLocker myself because it was my favorite. Because the setup worked, the sliders were functional, and the interface khub was nice and refined.

4. Kustom Lock Screen

KWGT is one of the most popular Android apps for creating custom widgets. It can dramatically change the way people personalize their mobile home screens. We’ve seen some great home screen settings in the app. The developer then succeeds in creating a new feature Kustom Lock Screen Maker (KLCK) app that allows developers to easily create custom Android lock screens.

It has a powerful and easy editor which is known as WYSIWYG, that lets users create lockscreen layouts using a variety of elements, shapes, fonts, 3D animations, animations text, huge colors and more to use on their mobile screens.

There are many elements available including many clocks, animated clocks, live map wallpapers, weather widgets, advanced CPU/memory meters, random backgrounds, scrolling images, gyroscope effects, astronomical data and more.

5. Closet cm

CM Locker has a sliding iOS-like unlocking function and a power saving function that clears battery-consuming apps from the lock screen. You can choose to unlock the device using PINs or patterns. There is also an intruder alert feature that takes a wasted photo of the person trying to unlock the phone. This is a practical lock screen that allows you to control music playback, view recent messages, and check weather forecasts. I highly recommend it.

6. DIY lock screen

DIY Lock Screen is actually a developer in the play store that offers a variety of simple lock screen replacement apps. Each of them has largely the same features, the only difference being the themes.

For security reasons, you can set a 4-digit access code. Otherwise, it’s a pretty basic app. And if that’s the kind of simplicity you’re looking for for free, this is for you.

7. Single locker

When someone wants a simple lock app that does everything they need, they can use Solo Locker. Solo Locker is a great thing to use because it starts with cool wallpapers that provide a beautiful background. The app will replace everything that has been selected on the phone and the app will also allow the user to select the widgets they want to see on the screen.

The screen can be arranged in any way the user wishes and the screen will provide the user with a very simple locking and unlocking method.

battery level of your mobile is shown if the user is charging. This is our favorite and best Android lock screen app. If you are already using an awesome lock screen app, we would love to hear from you. Let us know in the “Comments” section.

Best Automatic Wallpaper Changer Apps For Android

If you can change the wallpaper automatically every second, minute or hour, why not use the same wallpaper on your Android home screen all day long. We often change the wallpapers of our smartphones. But it is still often difficult to choose the right type for our mood. Often thinking about wallpaper apps gives you a few options for choosing a beautiful wallpaper for our phones.

Automatic change of wallpapers is one of the interesting Android tricks that you can do to solve this problem.

It has customization capabilities to automatically convert a number of pre-defined images into wallpapers.

Here are the details of several popular automatic wallpaper changer app for android.

1.Auto Change Wallpaper

Auto Change WallpaperThis application has very simple functionality, which you can immediately understand from its name. The Auto Change Wallpaper changes the wallpaper on your smartphone screen automatically, without your involvement, and in just a few seconds.

Changes can be set in the settings yourself – it can be a certain amount of time, lock the screen, or double-click the screen. Automatically change wallpapers All wallpapers are uploaded from the gallery. You can create a separate folder to download the images, photos and photos you want to see on the screen.

The app also lets you choose one of all the displayed images. The main thing is to specify it in the settings. At the end of your conclusion about the automatic change of wallpaper, we can say that it is very simple and clear for the average user.

2. Strip Change the background

Tapet is one of the unique wallpaper change apps available on Google Play to customize your smartphone home screen. Unlike other wallpaper apps, Tapet automatically creates high-quality wallpapers based on your device’s screen resolution. The funny thing is that wallpapers are created with random patterns and weird colors, and everything is created quickly on the screen.

With the option to automatically change the wallpaper, you can set the app to surprise you every hour or every day with a new wallpaper. And I promise you, most likely you will not see a wallpaper twice.

3.Microsoft launcher

This app allows you to use Bing wallpapers, its functionality is updated daily.

Windows PC owners can easily get acquainted with everything displayed on the system lockscreen.

Using an intelligent algorithm, the utility can suggest images based on the user’s location and experience.

The app largely bypasses the relatively well-known automatic wallpaper search.

The more people use Microsoft Launcher, the more accurately the service predicts interests. Another benefit of this program is that it saves money and minimizes memory usage.


If you have a newer smartphone with a higher resolution display like the Samsung AMOLED, you will probably want to check out the Walli. The good thing about this app is that the wallpapers are available in resolutions up to 4K. Wallpapers are created by select artists and artists can be referred to the app to earn money. It’s cool because it means you can still get work for free, but those with tight grafts aren’t harmed.

5. (4K Wallpapers – Auto Wallpaper Changer)

With an noticable rating of 4.7 based on 10000k user reviews and reaction, this Auto Wallpaper Changer app has a seamless collection of 4K and full HD wallpapers.

As one might expect from such a program, this one lets you choose how often you want your background changed. Besides being simple to use, it also lets users save the pictures they find appealing.

Many users praise this app for its user-friendliness and very interesting categorized collection. The only major problem is the large number of ads in the free version.

6. Google Wallpapers

Google Wallpapers is one of the best wallpaper apps available for Android. The app is small but you can choose some cool wallpapers. The best thing about Google Wallpapers is that you can set different wallpapers for your lock screen and home screen. Apart from that, you can also set Google Wallpapers to automatically change the background images of the device.

7. Muzei Live Wallpaper

If you like classical art, this app is for you. This includes images by some of the world’s most famous artists, such as Vincent van Gogh. However, the art does not overlap with icons and widgets on the desktop. It is responsible for slightly blurring and blurring the background. The focus will always be on current applications. The user can change the frequency of automatic background replacement. Available range of values: from 15 minutes to once every 3 days.

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