With his Minnesota Wild t-shirt, it's easy to see that Emmitt Bailey is a hockey maniac. But from his beautiful locks, it's  clear that Emmitt is a fan of the sport of hockey.

 “I think that's great. Some of the coolest people in the world, athletes and rock stars, all have mules, so I mean, it's pretty cool," said Eric Bailey, Emmitt's father. 

This goalkeeper decided to change jobs a few years ago. “Because I wanted a cool hockey haircut,” says Emmitt.

Image Credit : Instagram

His new "Do" earned him the nickname Mufasa during wrestling season because coaches and fellow wrestlers say he looks like a lion's mane.

But today, most people know him as "Mullet Boy" due to his growing popularity. "It went viral and I can't understand it right now. It's crazy. It's global," Eric said. 

An 8-year-old boy from Menomonie, Wis., is competing for the top mullet in the U.S. Children's mullet championship. 

His father said, online contest started  with about 1,500 entries & Emmitt made top 25. Eric said: "We saw the mule show, & we always joked about it. Let's develop it, & we'll try.

Ever since news of Emmitt's amazing abilities spread, he's been asked to pitch his first pitch at a college baseball game.

He also filmed a video with Menomonie Police where he was arrested for partying too much behind his back. 

 "The intention from the beginning was just to  have fun with it. Really and that's crazy. We're having a lot of fun," Eric said. 

The winner of the  contest was to take home $2,500, and Emmitt knew what he was going to do with the winnings.

“I brought a kart due to the fact I desired to begin my personal racing career,” says Emmitt.. ........

 Voting continues through Friday, but when  all is said and done, Emmitt thinks his mullet will  cut. 

"People keep asking 'are you going to cut it  when the competition is over?' Why did I do that, he said. It's part of his image now," Eric said.