Its became clear Monday night that Becton's injury was more serious than originally thought - sources confirmed  Becton had suffered a new injury to his knee - at Fourham Park

They need  offensive support. And GM Joe Douglas has to deliver it soon.  Before we go any further, let's not forget  Becton & heartbreaking position he's been in in light of news 

Jets coach Robert Saleh said Becton, 23, stayed at the team's facility throughout the breaks between offseason practices and training camps.

Nearly a year into the  game, he endured two  weeks of sweltering boot camp practice before collapsing within days of his first preseason game. 

 According to multiple reports, Becton fears he will miss many more games in 2022 after injuries cost him 18 games in his first two seasons.

This is a nightmare for the 2020 first round nominee, and you can't help but have feelings for him.  

 But the truth is, even before Becton's recent injury, the Jets needed more help and depth  of attack. The feeling only increases. 

A proven offensive, it would be reckless of him to go into his season as a regular  without a tackle, given the crisis this year. 

And that's why they have to go all out to sign the guy they've been flirting with for the past few days.  

Duane Brown, a 15-year veteran who made his fifth Pro Bowl appearance last year, joined the Jets in free agency practice Saturday from the Green and White. 

I should have made it my mission to sign him. There are too many things at stake  for them not to this season. 

Quarterback Zach Wilson struggled as a rookie, and now he faces his sophomore year feeling as if it all goes or goes wrong. 

 Without the Jets being able to defend him, it's impossible to tell if Wilson is a future team quarterback.

Relying on Becton would have been reckless given his injury history. But if the Jets believe what they're publicly saying, he'll be happy to do so. 

"We really  like the backup situation," Saleh said, adding that her top backup tackle, Conor McDermott, is expected to return within next week or two after an ankle injury.

“I know McDermott is injured, but he will be back. started. Getting a guy like Duane Brown is a bit of  a spoiler because there's only so much  talent in one position. 

 But after Monday night's Becton news, adding a guy like Brown is no longer a's a necessity.