Campaign groups amid rising fees. As first reported by the Telegraph,  new rules are being introduced after discussions

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Between the alliance and the three organizations - End Violence Against Women,  Three Hijabs and level up. 

The federation organized training for underage players, from under 14 to under 23, focuses on consent, harassment and bullying, but it is not mandatory for all seniors experts. 

 Football League clubs called for the introduction of a similar compulsory training program but did not the decision has been made, 

while the Football Association has not made a commitment to the three advocacy groups though sent a letter  to chief executive Mark Bullingham and English Premier League

 The FA is ultimately responsible for disciplinary action throughout the game. Part of the corridor 

The team's view is that players who are being investigated for crimes will automatically   suspended, 

although he has not been formally charged - something that is not included in New rules of the  English Premier League. 

The Three Hijabis' Shaista Aziz  told The Telegraph: "It's inconsistent and unthinkable that in 2022 you can force a top footballer to be charged very seriously

 the owner said, "It's okay, he can continue to work." It's outrageous, and it's completely run against  our open letter. 

 Maheta Molango, general manager of the Professional Footballers Association, believes that All its members must undergo mandatory training. 

He told the Telegraph: "More is needed done in terms of player education - consent, what is & what  are not accepted, & ensure that it is part of their compulsory schooling