Aguilas will visit Estadio Hidalgo for the first time since his crushing defeat in the 2022 Clausura semi-finals. Both teams had a crushing win last week.

Pachuca have been very solid at home considering they haven't lost a game at home  all season. The USA struggled early in the season, but are now gaining momentum.

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USA put on a dominant performance in his Capilino Clásico, where he lost 3–0 to the Pumas.

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Puma went into the game knowing they had to win  to get over their embarrassing 6-0 defeat to Barcelona. 

 Instead, America easily picked up the win and his three points  to turn the season around.  

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 The last time Pachuca played was at home against the Tigress 10 days ago. The away game against Juarez has been postponed to an unannounced date due to rioting in the city.

In the match against the Tigres, Pachuca took the initiative as the Tigres were reduced to 10 players in 12 minutes. Pachuca  beat the guests 2:0.

The extra rest day will be beneficial for Pachuca, as he has two games in the week and will face Leon on Saturday. 

 A win over the Pumas lifts the USA into his ninth-place spot and into the playoff battle from where they were consistently last at the start of the season. 

Their worst finish was 17th, just ahead of Queretaro, who have yet to win a single match this season. Pachuca currently holds 2 teams just two points behind him in fourth place.

The Americans know they have to beat Pachuca  to keep the momentum going. It's a tough task considering Pachuca has allowed only  four of his goals this season.

Only one is at home, making it the best defense in the league. The last time the two met was in the semi-finals of the 2022 Clausura,

where Pachuca defeated the USA 4-1 on aggregate, with the first leg being a 1-1 draw and the game going either way.

However, Pachuca took the lead in his second leg. After an incredible turnaround last season, America's hopes of reaching the finals were dashed midway through.

Now, USA are back at the  Estadio Hidalgo hoping for another result, becoming the first team to give Pachuca a  home defeat this season.