The Moose Jaw All Stars continue their Canadian Little League regional championship.

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The All-Stars beat tournament host Rockies in his Mountain Little League Tuesday afternoon in Calgary with a 4-1 victory,

Improving his 4-1 lead in the tournament and further cementing his status as a full title contender. 

 His four wins also mean his Joe Moose will qualify for the playoffs and perform well in Thursday's semifinals. 

The All-Stars ran into a minor backlog in the first inning thanks to a few defensive errors and went undefeated with the bases loaded,

But starter Emery Shane Roth scored two groundouts and a strikeout to get the lead. Got out of the inning. 

The All-Stars got on the board at the end of the first, again with Neil Cole playing alongside them. 

A standout outfielder, Rocky received a  high and difficult offer from his mountain to midfield, and the ball escaped the outfielder and went all the way to the wall. 

This allowed Dillon Flanagan to score the second and Moose Jaw quickly put them ahead 1–0. 

 Cole himself then scored after a groundout from Luke Turner to give the All-Stars a 2–0 lead after the first frame.  

 Luke Pratt beat Jackson Boyle on a run in the third off Moose Jaw at second home, and  Rocky Mountain made a double play before Cole struck again,

Firing another hot shot into the outfield, tying a defender, and giving Pratt the lead. took home. 

 From there, Guillaume set to work with his 4-1 lead. He built up a great performance against Calgary on Saturday,

Throwing 2 2/3 where he scored 5 goals and  only allowed 1 goal before  leaving the game due to court restrictions. 

Head of his coach Troy Turner, both Shane Roth and Guillaume he kept within the 35-field limit.........

Trey Stanhope took over from there, grabbing the final two outs of the fifth and shutting down Rocky Mountain in the sixth to secure the win.