NBA Trade Report:  Thunder Center Mike Mascara Linked to Celtics?   Could the Boston Celtics try to trade  Mike Mascara late?

 Veteran center Mike Mascara signed a new contract worth $7 million over his next two seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder this summer.

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With that in mind, there is already speculation that competing teams are interested in trading  him. 

 Muscala, who has just signed a new contract, will not be traded until December 15, roughly halfway through next season.

But Heavy's Sean Deveney  recently provided insight into what a Western Conference coach said about Muscala's entry into the season in relation to the Boston Celtics. 

 "He's been struggling to stay fit for the last few years  with  ankle surgery. I think the Celtics want the third big guy to have a bit more physique

And Muscara has a  more stretched five-type. So Ime [Udoka] might not play with him much...But he can shoot.He knocks down 3 seconds with his wings.

 If the game is sluggish  offensively, he can turn things around with some make-up. He's definitely a player we can get." 

 Of course, that doesn't mean the Celtics  are specifically inquiring about Mascara or  already discussing a trade package, 

But it's worth noting that there's at least one person in the league he thinks  would be a good fit for Boston. 

Muscala is perfect for just about any team looking to grab attention in the playoffs, as he was one of the top three points in his NBA last season and one of his big.

He almost converted at 43% of his triples and  posted great on/off figures with his team in the rebuilding Thunder. 

 A move like this makes a lot of sense, especially for Boston. Muscala does not acquire large amounts of assets  and deals cheaply.