Cale Gundy's decision came after an incident he detailed in a lengthy post....

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Cale Gundy, who has been involved with the program as both a record-breaking quarterback and an accomplished recruiter, tweeted, "I am very saddened to announce his retirement."

"I owe it to the Sooner Nation to be transparent about why they came to this decision." I noticed someone, I picked up my iPad and read aloud the words written on the screen.

"Let me be clear, the words I read aloud from this screen were not my words. Nothing I said was malicious. 

It was intentional. But it wasn't. "However, I am mature enough to understand that what I said was shameful and hurtful, regardless of my intentions."

"It is with great sadness that we accept the resignation of Manager Gandy," Venables said, 

Head coach Brent Venables also posted on social media.

he has devoted more than half of his life to football in Oklahoma and has served our program and college well.

 Brent Venables also posted on social media.

Thank you for this commitment. Whether in coaching or in life, we are all responsible for our actions and their consequences.

“The culture we are building in our program is based on mutual respect. Our employees are here to develop successful student-athletes as well as young men of character.

As the leader of this program, it is important that we maintain the highest standards to set an example for our players to become the young people we want them to be.”

Gandy said of the current team and its members, "I am so proud to be a Sooner and work to continue a tradition of excellence that should not be distracted by off-field issues.

No. I will not run my favorite programs to distract myself from this mission. I will resign immediately. ”

"It's heartbreaking to leave this sideline," said Gundy, who coaches his wide receivers at OU after a stellar run as a running back coach for the Sooners.