The Cleveland Browns face the possibility that he will play the 2022 season without Deshawn Watson.

Watson's situation  may not change his mind about how the quarterback position is being handled, according to a new report. 

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Appearing on The Pat McAfee Show Monday, NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport questioned reports linking the Browns to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. 

Rapoport said he doesn't feel the Browns are particularly interested in Garoppolo.He believes the Browns are willing to stay with Jacoby Brissett if necessary.

"I don't think the Browns are that interested," Rapoport said. "There's a reason they signed Jacoby Brissett. If they act for Jimmy G. 

That's over $20 million...I've been asking you guys, maybe something surprises me. I don't understand why there is so much interest. ” 

 Reports surfaced last week that Garoppolo could be a likely target for the Browns if Watson gets a one-year suspension,

 But it is becoming more likely. Rapoport certainly doesn't seem to believe this story.

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The Browns signed Brissett to his one-year contract in March and seem ready to back him up. The 29-year-old  started  his career sporadically, often with his Colts at Indianapolis.

Brissett said he has had two virtually full seasons as a starter, with limited success with a total of 31  touchdowns and his 13 interceptions.