No player or former player who voiced his support for Cale Gandy on Sunday night did so as forcefully as Joe Mixon.

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The Cincinnati Bengals Pro Bowl running back and former Sooner record holder wrote a lengthy statement in support of Gandy and posted it on his Twitter account.

Gandy had posted a tweet of his own, shockingly offering his immediate resignation from the program where he spent 28 years as a player & coach, Says "Shame and Hurt"

Joe Mixon blamed the incident as a misunderstanding of what he believed Cale Gandy stood for.

Image Credit : Twitter

"I know racists," Mixon wrote. “I have witnessed both overt and subtle racism, and I know and hate many more real racists.

 I spent every day with him in the 1,000 days I was in Norman, and I have never seen anyone believe or think that.

I know this about coaches. If he was admonishing a student-athlete for any reason, it would help that athlete become a better person, player, teammate, and college student-athlete

This is because “He certainly used derogatory or inappropriate words because they were written and not his own thoughts. I never saw him think or utter.”

Still, Cale Gandy said he doesn't want to distract his OU team this year. Mixon said it wasn't right and reiterated his stance on Gandhi's character.

"Most importantly, Director Gandy is not a racist. Again, he is by no means a racist," Mixon wrote...

"He is like a father to me, mentor, coach and best friend.. He always had my best interests at heart and spent every moment enriching my life, educating me, mentoring me

and making sure I was the best version of myself. I owe my success to many, but to none other than Coach Gandy. ”

Gandy said he wanted to take responsibility by resigning immediately. But Mixon didn't want this to be the end of Gandy's story, and he made strong words about his former school.