"We were closest & best friends before AEW was best friends. That's kind of where it all started. And people continued to think, "Well, they're going to dissolve now."

At one point I thought, "Do you know what's wrong here?" "Yes, I know what the problem is here."   ROMAN REIGNS !`

I will say at the same time. "It ... and finally  went to the celebration of friendship and said a big farewell. 

Around that time, perhaps a few weeks later, Vince said," This year's main event in WrestleMania is Jericho. WWE Title Kevin Owens "

But at that moment there was a change that Jericho did not expect. "About a week later Goldberg beat Kevin for the title

Vince McMahon has changed Chris Jericho's match plan

"Vince didn't tell me. He talked to me about the main event schedule, but he didn't tell me about the change to Brock vs. Goldberg. I understand that I'm a professional.

He changed his mind, it's happening. It's not a crime for me or any individual. But what really blew my mind about it was finishing second in the main event of WrestleMania,

" Chris Jericho thinks it could have been better back then. "Now, if I knew anything about  wrestling rankings, I'd like to come first, if not last.

 If you're not first or last, you want to be the sub-main event. It's mostly swamps unless you can find a good spot.

But we had 29 minutes. This one didn't have it. It was supposed to be 15 minutes, but keep in mind it takes a minute and a half to walk to the ring. It was a match right there. 

And that story really bothered me because it was one of the best, if not the best, story of this entire WrestleMania season, 

And even now the Festival of Friendship is still the best segment in Raw history. I think he was one of the ”