Sergio Cordova  three minutes later he put him in the RSL (9-8-7). counterattacked and leveled the game.

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Kerrin Acosta scored in the 17th minute to put LAFC ahead. Arango scored his 11th goal of the season to make it 3–1 in 60th minute, with Gareth Bale  scoring in 87th minute. 

 Real Salt Lake lost 3-1 to his top-ranked LAFC at Rio Tinto Stadium  on Saturday night. 

LAFC may be too much for Real Salt Lake to overcome 

The stadium was buzzing before kickoff. The atmosphere was something Rio Tinto Stadium hadn't experienced in many years. 

The club announced  a record attendance record with 21,810 fans flocking to the stadium.

Mastroeni made two changes from a 2–2 draw with San Jose. Anderson Julio replaced Michael Chang and Pablo Ruiz replaced Nick Bessler. 

 Unfortunately, LAFC found the first goal of the game when Cristian Arango got the ball after a skirmish inside the box. 

Carlos Vela had a great ball in the box, but Justin Meram couldn't clear it and Arango took advantage by putting it in the right place at the right time. 

 But it didn't take long for Real Salt Lake to react. Unsurprisingly, Andrew Brody found space on the left side of the field and cut into the central position to face Sergio Cordova.

Cordoba touched with his right foot and  shot into the bottom corner.  The start of the game was impressive. Both teams jumped for a breakthrough. 

 But that didn't detract from his LAFC power. Shortly after, Kellyn Acosta pounced on another bad mistake from his RSL deep in his territory. 

Jasper Loeffelsend misjudged the bouncing ball, but only  Acosta stepped into the bottom left corner. Zach McMath froze as he watched the ball pass by him. 

 In the 28th minute, Jefferson Savarino blocked a shot  10 yards  from goal after Brody delivered a superb cross, heading for the back post where Savarino was waiting. 

Julio  missed a header in the 43rd minute after Aaron Herrera made a special delivery from the right side of the field. LAFC flexes that muscle 

The first half was 2-1.  However, RSL continued to struggle in front of goal. Justin Melam's header followed early in the second half.