From adorable Nendoroids to giant mechanical toys, it's clear Good Smile Company is entering a bigger new  phase.

Image Credit : Twitter

 For many people, a Nendoroid is Good Smile Company's calling card. Cute figurines of various characters, Nendoroids are a huge hit worldwide.

So that's something that Good Smile Company has publicly celebrated. The real highlight regarding the Nendoroid is the Hololive figurines, with Korone-chan being my  favorite.

Especially since she's a huge fan of Super Robot Wars and likes to say "eekum bokum".

Image Credit : Twitter

In addition to  Nendoroids, the statue range is also very popular and many game-related figurines have been introduced.

From all the soul related figurines to the new Guyver 1 and some pretty nice items for the Metroid Dread. 

  Nintendo Connection is so important to figma builds, as we've released all sorts of great Zelda and Metroid characters over the years.

Therefore, I am pleased that this partnership continues. The flip side of all the character figures are all the new mechanical toys and kits on the way.

Since Hiro Tanaka joined Good Smile Company, the company's mechanical-related output has increased significantly. 

That doesn't seem likely to slow down any time soon, as the legions of Moderoid crafting kits are definitely picking up speed. 

The big reveal, however, is the mighty Hagane Works' Dancouga (pictured above),  beautifully executed to Masami Obari's updated design and fitting it well.

With a price tag of 58,000 yen (about $430), it will be a great buy for collectors when it's released  next May. 

Overall, Smile Fest 2022 Tokyo showcases a lot  and it's clear that Good Smile Company is becoming a much larger player in the global toy and model  industry.

During Smile Festival 2022, Good Smile announced that a Nendoroid of Ralsei from Delta Rune is in development.