For the first time in years, The 50-year-old comedian Dane Cook set the internet on fire on Tuesday — people are no joke.

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Dane Cook wrote, "I asked her best friend, who had the best time of her life, to marry me so we could start the next chapter of our lives together.

 A few hours later, he shared a video on his Instagram of his July 13th proposal, which took place at his  York Beach, Maine vacation home. 

The Massachusetts native  means a lot to the city, as he spent a lot of time there as a child and even scattered his mother's ashes around the seaside village at her request. 

Says that there is A video clip shared shows Taylor smiling and wearing the ring, as well as a special moment in front of the camera. 

 An aerial view of the beautiful coastline and the couple's memories of her five-year relationship complete the anniversary message.  

Aside from the size of the rock and the way he keeps his plans  secret, it's the 26-year age gap that drives most of the  online conversation about the couple. 

To clarify, Cook began dating Taylor  when she was 18 in 2017. Overall, the May-December romance sparked some buzz about the age gap 

 And "grooming" is a horrible word adopted by law to refer to anything gay people do. That is, believe it or not. 

 "Keep Dane Cook a little loose. His only option is to date someone who is too young to have heard of him," one person said. 

 "Chris Delia and Dane Cook had to go to a bar and wait outside for their date," joked another, referring to comedian and actor Whitney, who was fired by her agent. 

Comedian Dane Cook received calls from several women who allegedly sued him  online when he was underage.