Expressing his disappointment over his death his great friend. The actor died after falling from the 14th floor of a building in Miraflores.

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"I'm trying to connect with your partner, but I don't have any more information, the fact is my team is moving ahead of me. I'm on my way, about 30 minutes due to traffic jam,

Diego Bertie's manager learns LIVE of the actor's death: 'He's the noblest man I know'. Diego Bertie's manager opened up about the actor's accident,

However, two journalists Verónica Linares and Federico Salazar confirmed that the singer had passed away and that he had nothing but words of love for Bertie.

"Indeed, the friendship that binds us to Diego, we plan for him to return to  music, compassion, enthusiasm, joy and art.

--that he carries with him has brought him closer to his audience. "His comeback was very good," he added.

Manager Carlos Sánchez de la Puente also reported that Diego Bertie had canceled his presentations because he had symptoms of Covid-19 and preferred to self-isolate.

"He reported symptoms of Covid on Monday, as a precaution (we have rescheduled the presentations),

--Because the cough and flu didn't allow him to sing, he He's a very demanding artist, we want to reschedule the next 3 weeks,” he said.

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