Head coach Eddie Howe insists Newcastle United's Sven Botman development should not be rushed.

The Dutch youth international signed a $36 million contract from Lille on July 1, making him an outstanding summer deal so far for the Magpies.

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However, Howe chose not to make his full debut on opening day against Nottingham at his 22-year-old, 

Instead opting for last season's central defense his partnership with Dan He Byrne and Fabian. kept the shah.

But Ajax Academy graduate Botman got his first taste of Premier League action from the bench as a 90th-minute substitute.

The more  time Sven has to practice, the better,” says Howe. “But every situation is very unique. It can change in a matter of seconds, so we can't draw a blueprint.

"The more he practices, the more he understands how we want him to play, and the teammates around him will serve him very well.

“I was very happy with his preparation. "Like I said after game, it's about maintaining continuity in defense, & developed very well towards the end of last season. 

"Sven has a big role to play." Magpies today moved to Brighton and Hove where he traveled to Albion where he scored two wins in the top flight.

But they met a side with one of England's most respected managers, Graham Potter, in their first win against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

"Brighton are a very unique team. You face big challenges when you play them," Howe said. "Tactically, I think they're superior. 

Graham has done a great job there and it's been amply demonstrated how innovative and forward-thinking he is.

“The match against Manchester United was very interesting from a tactical point of view, so we will try.

“Every game in the Premier League is different, but this is the big challenge we have to deal with. It is very different from Nottingham Forest.

One of Newcastle's standout players last season, he started the 2021/22 season with the Seagulls. Burning down the center was a revelation for Howe, who moved north in January,

 And the head coach expects the same at Amex Stadium this afternoon. He said: 'Dan is a great professional.

"He's had to work hard to get the position he's in and isn't ready to give it up easily. He's very popular in the dressing room and the boys look up to him."