It's only a few minutes away from the start of the League Cup match between LAFC and USA.. The game between LAFC and America of the Leagues Cup begins at 10:25 PM.

10:30 PM - Layún's first-time shot goes over the top of the goal. 10:35 PM - Opoku can't make the breakaway & Valdez steals the ball on the edge of the area.

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10:40 PM - LAFC's play no longer succeeds due to an advanced position. 10:45 PM - Layún takes a long-range shot that goes wide.

10:50 PM - Richard Sanchez's free kick hit the wall and America wasted the chance. 10:55 PM - Opoku breaks away at speed but his shot is blocked by Oscar Jimenez.

11:00 PM - Martinez's shot hits a defender and there will be a corner kick. 11:05 PM - The LAFC goalkeeper's hands are the only ones to get an easy shot.

11:10 PM - Rodriguez complains about a slap for the referee to call a penalty, but nothing is called. 11:15 PM - A cross to the near post that Cáceres ends up rejecting.

11:20 PM - Mamadou Fall is sent off after a foul on Viñas. 11:25 PM - The referee goes to review the play and changes the determination, Fall is only cautioned.

11:30 PM - Two minutes are added. 11:35 PM - Half time - LAFC 0-0 America. 11:40 PM - The second half begins between LAFC and América.

11:45 PM - Arango's shot inside the area goes wide of the goal. 11:50 PM - Martinez's shot is saved by the goalkeeper at the near post. America comes close.

11:55 PM - Lara's powerful shot was saved by the defender on the goal line in the most dangerous action of the game. 12:00 AM - Martinez's shot was saved by the LAFC goalkeeper.

12:05 AM - Multiple changes are on the horizon for LAFC including the entry of Welshman Gareth Bale. 12:10 AM - Jennings is offside and LAFC's offensive play is nullified.

12:15 AM - Campos' tight cross from a corner kick hits the outside of the net. 12:20 AM - Zendejas' shot from outside the area is blocked by the goalkeeper.

12:25 AM - LAFC's Escobar is cautioned and America is awarded a free kick.

Goals and Every Minutes Highlights: America 6-5 LAFC in Leagues Cup

12:30 AM - The emotions have not yet arrived, although in the event of a tie, the winner will be defined by a penalty shootout. 12:35 AM - Bale's free kick shot into the wall.

12:40 AM - Add 3 more minutes. 12:45 AM - End game- LAFC 0-0 América and there will be penalty kicks.

12:50 AM - 1st shoot Goal America Bruno Valdez Palacios misses for LAFC in front of Jiménez's save.

1:20 AM - 7th shoot América de Lara Goal Cifuentes shot it and it was over. Victory for América in penalty kicks 6-5.

Thank you for following the LAFC vs. America Leagues Cup game.