Lolo Jones getting ready for IVF.  "I want a family," she tearfully explained in a video she posted about the process, but had waited years for her husband to begin this journey.

Ms Jones turned 40 on August 5. Now, she said she is taking the process into her own hands and beginning the first steps of IVF, which includes freezing eggs.

Image Credit : Instagram

This includes seeing if she can continue. "I was terrified. I turned 40," she wrote in an Instagram post caption. 

I wanted to freeze my eggs during the first half, and I always thought that if I met my husband, everything would be fine. Well here I am almost 10 years later but no. ”

To assuage her "fear" of her child, she began the process with her Frame Fertility. Her Brother contestant was ready to start this after learning she had a "huge egg hoard."

“I want women to get care sooner. Not all women are the same. You may already be missing eggs at a high rate," she continued.

"If you want to have a family, but you can't do it right now because you have a job or you don't have a husband, try freezing your eggs."

Jones received a lot of praise for her candor in the comments. One follower commented, "You're not alone! I'm 39 and going through the same process.

Many thanks to you and your journey." Bless you. Thank you for sharing." "I'm proud of you Lolo. You're an advocate for so many women.

Thank you for being vulnerable and not keeping quiet about it. We all love you very much and are praying with you. It takes a lot of power to be transparent about it. ”

Jones isn't the only star open about the decision to freeze eggs. Her Mary Fitzgerald of Selling Sunset recently shared that she and her husband will begin the process

"Ladies,  freeze your eggs while they're young," Fitzgerald shared in an Instagram post in June.  "Unfortunately, that's part of the over-40s.

Unfortunately, if this is a lesson for you and you're focused on your career or haven't met the right person yet, give the ball a shot." Freeze it.

In April, Sienna Miller, mother of 9-year-old daughter Marlowe, told ELLE that she decided to freeze her eggs so she could plan for a possible next child.

"I'm really focused on needing to have one more child, so if that happens, I think it will. That kind of existential threat is gone," she says of the process.