This is the first credit card for Instacart, a grocery delivery service that lets you  order from your favorite chains and local stores without leaving your home.

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When purchasing from Instacart's website or mobile app, the card holder receives his 5% cashback on merchandise

 Receives his 5% cashback on merchandise from over 40,000 stores without worrying about spending limits  on competing ration cards. 

These perks are appealing to those who already use his Instacart, but getting started with his premium membership isn't hard. 

If he is one of the first 10,000 of her Instacart Mastercard approved by August 4, 2022, he will receive  $200 in her Instacart credit and a free year of Instacart+.

Instacart doesn't require a membership, but Instacart+ offers additional perks like free shipping on orders over $35.

If you don't sign up by August 4th, you can still use Instacart+ for free for one year, but in exchange for a $100 credit. 

 Beyond the grand welcome offer,  Instacart Mastercard offers consumers cashback in multiple categories. 

 But groceries and travel aren't the only things you need this cashback card address for—it's also a solid option for gas and other expenses. 

The Instacart Mastercard gives you  2% cashback at the gas station when you occasionally skip delivery and get in the car.

You can also receive 2% cashback on dining in and takeaways at our restaurants. Additionally, this premium rate applies to purchases from select streaming services.

And if that's not enough, 1% cash back rate covers the cost of all other purchases. These cashback rewards are flexible & can be redeemed for statement credits or  direct deposits 

So  you can see how much money you're making. Additionally, the Instacart Mastercard has no annual fees or foreign transaction fees.

However, once the 1-year welcome offer ends, your Instacart+ membership will automatically renew unless cancelled,

So watch out for membership fees. Also, pay your card on time whenever possible to avoid the $40 late fee 

And  limit the cost of the variable APR (16.49% to 25.24%). Get the most out of this unique credit card whenever possible.