A legal attempt by inventor Stephen Thaler trying to register an intellectual device as an inventor and patent.

Image : robotethics.

This could have implications for medicine and other industries that rely on artificial intelligence  through artificial intelligence.

Can machines be creative?

The court said machines cannot be manufacturers. Computer scientists have tried to make intelligence a manufacturer Law.

In August, the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that intellectual property as an inventor cannot be listed in the patent register.

Court case -  Thaler v. Vidal - or a proposal that can be disproved by an easy reading of the US patent law.

In Thaler v. Vidal, Stephen Thaler challenged the US Patent and Trademark Office's refusal to grant a patent for an invention.

According to Thaler, Bootstrapping Autonomous Boot Device (DaBas) is an embedded intelligence device.

Hardware and software combined system is DABUS. Thaler called it "a laboratory for the study of machine consciousness and emotion".

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