The Minnesota Lynx superstar said to UStoday that she will retire from the WNBA at the end of this season after  15 years of dominating the league.

It was back in July for her and time flies so fast. we are already there......

Image Credit : LSU Athletic..

She got to play her final home game against the Lynx on Friday, with every profile about her awesomeness & every tweet about her friendliness & sincerity rightfully on the surface

It comes to the surface. Fowles deserves the flowers and many other things she finally gets. ........

 It's hard  to  say that league MVP has somehow flown under the radar his entire career, but it  feels like Fowles has.

She has always been one of the  best players in WNBA, from her  early days as an All-Star sophomore in Chicago  to  her every trip to the WNBA Finals with Maya Moore in Minnesota.

Fowles always comes to her job, dominates and goes  about her business, which is why she is the  all-time best rebounder in the WNBA. 

As such, she's an eight-time All-Star, two-time Finals MVP, and four-time Olympic gold medalist. You got it - she's great.

 But you haven't heard a peek from her about it - it's certainly not about basketball.  Basketball is not her day job. 

Sylvia Fowles recently told ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenberg, "My life doesn't revolve around basketball...

Sylvia Fowles loves the game and all that it gives her, but that doesn't define her...that's what she means. 

She's already got her  life in motion after her retirement. She's an undertaker. She knits baskets, hats, etc. for her enjoyment. 

Sylvia Fowles ended up making several as gifts for teammates and coaches.  I am a plant mom who loves  tea.

She is a really kind person who is not spoken badly of by anyone. This is Sylvia Fowles and this is her new start. 

 I don't know how much  Big Syl will cost. It might be a little, but it could be  more if the Lynx holds a playoff slot at 7. 

Still, it's been an absolute pleasure to watch her career.We miss you. But she is about to have the best time of her life.