A spokesperson for the team described the procedure as a "regular cleanup" that is "in his best interest and also allows for a speedy recovery."

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It's unclear when and how the injury occurred or if it worsened over time. Before Tuesday, Kelce was back on his feet after only missing his first two days of training two weeks ago

He trained Sunday night at the team's public practice at Lincoln Financial Field. Kelce, of course, is one of the Eagles' best players.

He is also one of the longest-lived players in the NFL. He has started 122 consecutive games since 2014. 

This is the longest active streak by any NFL center, dating to Chris Myers, who started in 123 straight games from 2007 to his 2014.

Kelce appeared in a total of 159 games for the Eagle, which ranks third among offensive linemen in team history. 

 He would need to play just 11 games to overtake Chuck Bednarik for the team record. He was also named to his fourth First Team All-Pro for 2021.

Soccer players who undergo arthroscopic elbow surgery can typically return to work in about four weeks. 

Atlanta's Roddy White said he had elbow surgery on August 23, 2017 and returned in time for the opening game against the Eagles on September 14.

Kelce is safe to say he won't appear in any of his three preseason games. The Eagles hired his eventual successor, Kam Jürgens, in the second round last spring. 

Until Jason Kelce returns,  Kam Jürgen will undoubtedly earn all top team representations.

Image Credit  : nytimes