Leonard's creative partner, Ezian Bolden, said, "Kawhi is practicing. We're really locked in and focused on the second episode."

Credit : yahoo

 The dual NBA champion now allows his actions to speak for music and culture. He shocked fans by quietly releasing Kawhi Leonard Presents: Culture Jam Vol.1 

 In the first round of the NBA playoffs. And now he and Bolden are working on their next release......

Bolden told PEOPLE that "Kawhi is very practical. Bolden said that he and Leonard "talk about artists that he likes because he's a hip-hop mogul himself." 

 Industry executives are working with the LA Clippers goalkeeper "to show him  how these records are made, how we  do it together." 

“We discover a lot through the collision of these two worlds,” says Bolden.  Bolden hopes that basketball & music will continue to connect and influence a new generation of fans.

I just hope to  inspire young people with Culture Jam, just to create moments that will live forever

In the content space with these athletes and  artists, to cement that relationship with together.......