How good does a story have to be to be told over and over again? This isn't the intent of Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers, but it's sort of a central question.

The third TV series since March will feature Jerry Buss' acquisition of the Lakers, 

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introduction of celebrity culture into the sport, and his return to the top of the NBA for the Lakers. Lakers owner Jeanie Buss said: "I want the truth to come out.

She's an executive producer on the project, and the first article said her entire family, including her brother and former basketball division president Jim Bass,

was on board with the series, which premiered on Hulu on Monday. When it's revealed, it quickly gains credibility. "Legacy" is about to stand out here.

The contributor swears that this documentary is not Showtime's response to "Winning Time," his dramatized pseudo-history of the Lakers,

 But this his HBO show is now the history of the Lakers in the early 1980s. It is an unavoidable reference point when talking about.

At the market (Shortly after that, Apple TV+ released "They Call Me Magic," which focused on Magic's early years in Johnson's Lakers career, with Jerry buying bus team & match)

"We have to remember that there's also a lot of misinformation, TV shows and other things that aren't accurate," said Legacy director Antoine Fuqua. 

. We listened to the stories of the people who led the organization and the players who experienced it. You know, people forget.

Something new needs to be brought to the table.In his case, these advantages are the participation of the main actors in the story and the wider narrative scope.

In late July, more than a dozen filmgoers gathered at the Lakers' practice facility in El Segundo to promote the series. among them? 

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the all-time leading scorer in NBA history, along with Hall of Famers James Worthy, Vladimir Dibatz, and Jamal Wilkes gave their blessing to the series.

It was the kind of flex I never dreamed of in any other project that wasn't approved by the Lakers. (The team logo also appears in the credits.)

It's probably a good time for the organization to look back, as the future threatens to get even uglier after the Lakers miss the 2022 playoffs for the seventh time since 2014.

Finally, celebrating the past can distract from the suffering of the present...but that doesn't mean the series chronicles challenging moments in the franchise's history.

For Jeannie Bass, "legacy" isn't just about the exhilaration of owning a family for over 40 years, but also the deaths of Kobe Bryant and Jerry Bass, 

It meant reliving some painful downturns, such as the chaos that followed. The detangling of his family's interests etc from his role in the organization's front office.