The Tampa Bay Buccaneers want to improve communication and consistency behind the scenes in their defense this season, which means adding years of experience in free agency.

They did that by signing Logan Ryan & Keanu Neal, both of which offer flexibility to be valuable weapons in the Bucs' complex & aggressive defensive scheme

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So far, initial feedback has been encouraging from both players during their first training camp with the team.

"I think they've surpassed them," Bucs head coach Todd Bowles said after Thursday's joint practice session with Miami when asked about his expectations for the two new additions

“Logan has been amazing from a coaching standpoint, from an intelligence standpoint, and learned everything so quickly.

I've never seen a guy learn our defenses so quickly, and not just in safety, but in corners and nickel points.

And don't just learn it - it doesn't take anything away from his game, because he knows how to play, too. He brought a lot of things to the table there.

"Keanu has been nothing but a pro since he arrived," Bowles continued. “He has lost weight, from paving the way in Dallas to now [as a safety].

We know what he's like in racing games. The great thing is that he understands the passing of the game, he understands his angles & misses very well. So I'm very pleased with both

Ryan is capable of playing safe or corners/slots, while Neal has moved between safety and full-back in his career. 

Their combination of athleticism, intelligence and versatility will make Tampa Bay's defense more cohesive and fundamentally stronger this season.