2022 San Diego Padres is Manny Machado's team.   Whether that remains a reality next year, when Fernando Tatis Jr returns from  suspension,

or a future with Juan Soto  remains to be seen, but for now, the Padres see him as the leader in the game. 

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Their current playoff battle pushes to the playoffs. Thankfully, Machado acted and played like the leader the team needed.

 He continues to perform at an elite level and recently beat two former Padres players by a particular record.

 "Manny Machado, along with Tony Gwynn (1988) and Gary Sheffield (1992), are the only Padres to have eight or more  consecutive hit games," MLB Stats tweeted.

Eight consecutive multi-stakes games are reserved for really talented players who are also pinned to the disc at a specific time. 

 Machado continues to have a great year. It's certainly not easy to achieve, but Machado is someone special. 

Going into Thursday's game, third place lost .305/.377/.532 with 21 home runs, 76 runs scored, 73 RBI, seven stolen bases and 0.909 OPS,

 Keeping in mind he has lost a number of games due to injury, which makes his stats even more impressive. 

 He has a good chance of hitting a .300 GPA and a 30-home run season if he continues to do so. Combine that with his stellar defense in the hot corner, 

And the Padres have a legitimate MVP contender in the National League. 

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Machado was the man of the match with the Padres 66-54  as they wanted to reach the knockout stages and enjoy the competition window. 

He's been particularly hot in the last 15 games, hitting .400/.463/.700 with three home runs and 15 RBIs. 

Can the Padres surprise the top NL powerhouses in the knockouts?  It will be difficult, but if Machado continues to perform like  last week, anything is possible.