The Miami Heat will have some holes to fill in the unfortunate event that they end up somewhere else or return to Brooklyn next season.

Image Credit : Clutch points

Although he  requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, there was little movement on that front with him or Kyrie Irving,

 which turned out to be not as easy as the request might have made it seem. Well, that may all be  about to change.

While there's no indication  in which direction or if it could be about to change,  there are reports  that mention a potential course-changing event is imminent.

Apparently and according to, Kevin Durant and Nets owner Joe Tsai are said to have met or have met before.

The Miami Heat are still hoping to get a big name through commercials. One of them, Kevin Durant, will provide details soon in a reported meeting with his team.

"What I've heard is that KD will meet  the owner this week," the source told Heavy Sports. "He's going straight to owner Joe Tsai this week. We'll see how it works.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of people, & maybe there aren't any, but there's about 50% chance that there aren't. This is the bottom line if there is  or has been such a meeting

 Durant will either  tell the owner of the Brooklyn Nets he's changed his mind, meaning he wants to stay in Brookluyn to fix the problem or he'll repeat his request.

He will tell the guy that he won't change his mind, so speed up by moving him every chance he gets. There is nothing  between these two options. They don't just meet for coffee.