Danilo Petrucci continues to drop in MotoAmerica. after the third At Brainerd he took first place and Jake widened his gap to Gagne to his 12 points. the distance

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Danilo always Race on unknown and difficult tracks. Gagne himself admitted. “this is a tricky place". Trying to use percentage points and minimum tilt angles.

But it hits you in a weird place. I had this experience last year and I will test it," Jake confirmed. I had some weird falls here in the past,

I got off to a good start. first two rounds It was a little tricky. I had to change the way I ride the tires a little bit because it hooks like it did in practice.

I was lucky to have a few laps clean and then I had a little gap. I can just ride and try not to make any mistakes. just can't fight riders around.

You really have to focus on this track. some weird stuff could happen. Everyone at Yamaha, thank you for your continued support.

They work hard. I think we all want to find and understand how to feel better. Get a little more consistency with the tires. Interesting place.

It's tough To ensure that consistency and really know what the tire will do until the time comes Too late

Petrucci:  "I hit an open circuit trying to pull over. Stay away from Petersen." "I made a mistake at the end.

The problem was that from the beginning On the first lap I thought I had a cold rear tire. very hard to drive.

There was an impression that something was wrong with the rear wheel suspension, I don't know about traction control," said Petrux. "I checked after the race

The air pressure and rear tire were very low. But it worked in the end. I put a lot of pressure on myself to get away from Cameron Petersen, but I made mistakes

Then I coasted on the penultimate corner and ended up in the grass. without any doubt it was the most difficult day. I had a bad fall this morning

Rebuilding and moving bikes couldn't be easier upon. I am very upset with my mistake, but I need to know what happened. I am definitely happy that tomorrow is another day.

”Petersen: "I raised my hand. I thought it was there. come"Petersen, who finished second, confirmed their feelings.