The Bruins are settling in after a roller coaster season for the Brooklyn Nets. For a brief analysis of the chaos of the season

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The Nets were uncertain about Kyrie Irving's future as he had a player selection that allowed him to try out as a free agent, but ultimately opted to play this season in Brooklyn.

Soon after, Kevin Durant wanted a franchise, but decided to return Now Durant and the Nets are gearing up for training camp in September.

They can finally focus on what they want to do, play basketball. But Durant's former teammates at the Oklahoma City Thunder

NBA champion Kendrick Perkins believes that because of all the fuss Durant has caused over his trading request, the dust has yet to settle in Brooklyn.

"Ben Simmons needs advice, Kyrie Irving needs advice, Kevin Durant needs advice right now. So I'm trying to see, to  win the championship...

Perkins questioned the climate in the Nets' locker room, Perkins wondered if the dust had settled with the fresh wounds.

 Durant gave Nets owner Joe Sy the option to fire head coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks or swap him. An ultimatum will not bind the owner of the network. 

 Durant and Nett have chosen to move forward with their partnership, Marks and Nash being part of that journey. And although everyone involved has apparently found a solution

Robinson said on Sirius XM Radio with Rick Kamala and Antonio Daniels: “I think in this situation, Steve Nash and Shawn Marks are package deals,

And so you can't have it one way or the other.  All eyes will be on the Nets this season as they look to claim the franchise's first NBA title.