Term life insurance online provides Canadian small business owners and entrepreneurs with coverage up to $1 million.

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Nuula announced its launch in Canada in June, where it started a revolution in how small business owners in Canada

 monitor their business & access a wide range of financial products, including financial services. ...

Asset management services from OneVest and credit card company Carary Capital.

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Today's news expands Nuula's portfolio of small business financial tools by creating the first superapp for small businesses.

“Peace of mind for a small business owner includes not only the health of their business, but the long-term well-being of their family,” said Mark Ruddock, CEO of Nuula.

“To be the app every small business owner wants to use, Nuula has to meet as many of the needs of small businesses as possible. 

Nuula, a FinTech company, Offering world-class life insurance is another step in that direction.

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“We are proud to once again offer Nuula a new integration that adds to the growing list of products and services it offers to small business owners,” said Derek Szeto

"With the new term life insurance online feature, small business owners can access a trusted Class A insurer in minutes."

Founded in 2020, Walnut is a Canadian & American InsurTech that has built the infrastructure that enables multiple integrated lines of insurance

insurance for brokers, employers and financial services, combined with benefits value-added benefits from international brands.

Walnut's platform makes insurance simple and convenient, making it more accessible to underserved audiences.