During their honeymoon, Bergeron renewed his vows with the Bruins family. 

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A false contract was signed on Monday and the captain returned to his 19th season in black and gold.

He signed a one-year contract with a salary of $2.5 million, plus $2.5 million in performance bonuses. He will speak to the media via Zoom at 1pm. Monday.

With team-friendly deals in his career, Bergeron, who turned 37 on July 24, had to accept another contract. 

The Bruins enter the week with about $4.8 million in salary caps & holes in the center, Numbers 1 & 2,

 And have an arbitration hearing scheduled for Thursday with the newly appointed agent.  Free limited redemption Pavel Zacha. 

The structure of the Bergeron deal allows the Bruins to defer part of Bergeron's $2.5 million bonus for next season. 

Zacha's arbitration hearing, unless the parties reach an agreement by Thursday, will open an interim opportunity for the club to buy a contract.

It is safe to assume that Bergeron will receive these bonuses. He returned as an elite 200-foot-tall center back in a friendly deal with teammates,

Defending the Selke Trophy victory (his fifth record) and scoring 65 points from 73 last year's match.

That's good news for the franchise, drafted by Bergeron in 2003, as the possibility of the 37-year-old retiring seems very real.

After the Bruins were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs by the Carolina Hurricanes, Bergeron, 

-- whose contract has expired, is still not ready to play next season, but said if he continues, it will only be in Boston.

After few days, Patrice Bergeron was seen wearing a brace on his left arm in an MMA event in Plymouth, the result of surgery to repair a tendon in his elbow.

The procedure, done in the first week of June and with an expected recovery time of 10 to 12 weeks, will only add to the delay in his decision.

Bergeron has had 400 goals and 582 assists in 1,216 games. Last season, he scored 25 goals and 40 assists in 73 games.

He received his fifth Selke Trophy record, awarded annually "for the best striker in the defensive aspects of the game."