Pubg console update 18.2

By Tech Monster

July 2022

PUBG update 18.2 is currently available on PC. Next week, the update will arrive on xbox, Video game console. 

This 8x8 km map features a variety of biomes, including a flooded downtown area with "one of the tallest skyscrapers" in the game

The map is playable in FPP and TPP, and is described in the patch notes. On this map you'll find a vast mountainous region, a lush swamp, , and "beautiful new islands."

Deston is bringing some new map utility items that may have special in-game interactions depending on the situation.

These items are placed in your inventory as soon as you enter the map, can be used as many times as you like, and have no effect on your inventory weight.

There are some new items on the market, including an Ascender Attachment that lets you use any Ascender B as many times as you like.

Lets use Khushi and another that makes it easy to map skyscrapers. As far as features go, there are on security doors and security keys you have to collect .

They are pretty self-explanatory, keys are useful items that you can use to open certain doors. There are also fuel pumps so you can refuel your vehicle on the go,

But if the fuel pumps take too much damage, they can explode, potentially damaging all players around it. A new vehicle, the AeroboTTo, is added to the game with this map.

Which can move very fast on water and also able to travel on land. There is also a new weapon, the O12, the "World's Fastest Rifle",

which performs well for close and medium range shooting. There are several fixes and updates in the full patch notes, which you can read if you're interested.