Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has been announced as a member of his NFL Top 100 Players for 2022.

The announcement was made on Sunday during halftime of the Raiders' preseason opener against the Minnesota Vikings.

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After missing the past three seasons, Kerr has returned to his 12-year tradition of placing 65th in his 2022 Top 100 Players in the NFL. 

Top 100 Players His list is voted on by his current NFL players before each season. 

Image Credit : Twitter

Kerr's comeback marks his fourth appearance on the list in his eight-year career with the Raiders.  In 2016, Kerr cracked the list as the top 100 player.

 In his second appearance in 2017, Carr rose to the highest rank of his career, finishing 11th.  His last appearance came  in 2018 when he was revealed at number 60. 

 Last season, Kerr logged a career-high 4,804 passing yards, threw for 23 touchdowns and his 14 interceptions to his group of receivers, but was far from consistent. 

 This season, he brings his trusty wide his receiver Hunter  back into the lineup, while a healthy Darren, 

He welcomes Waller and All-Pro wide his receiver and former college teammate Davante his Adams. ......

The first half of the list (#100-51) appeared at the end of NFL Network's Vikings-Raiders game. ......

The countdown for the rest of the top 100 players in 2022 continues over his next three Sundays on the NFL Network.

#100-51: Sunday, August 14, 8:00 PM ET

 #50-31: Sunday, August 21, 4:30 PM ET 

 #30-21: Sunday, August 21st at 11pm ET 

 #20-1: Sunday, August 28, 8:00 PM ET 

Playmakers on both sides of the ball were praised for their excellent performances a year ago, so Kerr isn't the only one on this list this year.