Followers of actor Tommy Lee were shocked when a very graphic image appeared on his Instagram page.

Image Credit : Instafram

Now, the musician is causing a stir again - after a without clothes frontal photo was posted on his social networks.

On Thursday, a photo surfaced on Tommy's Instagram with the caption "Ooooopppsss". Tommy sitting on the edge of a pool, with many of his tattoos - and other things - visible.

Within 3 hours of posting the snapshot, thousands of commenters shared their amazement at the graphic nature of the snapshot, one writing 'MORE CANNOT POST THIS ON INSTAGRAM '.

It's unclear exactly how the highly private photo ended up on the site, whether Tommy posted it himself or intentionally or by accident, but one thing is for sure - he reacted. 

Tommy's wife, former Vine star and comedian Brittany Furlan Lee, seemed as shocked as the public when she saw the drummer's penis in the wild on Instagram, commenting, "OH MY GOD."

Meanwhile, TikTok star Daniel Mac asked: "How long is this going to last." Instagram is extremely strict

The photo was eventually deleted, either by Tommy or reported by the website - although it was up to about five hours at the time.

Shortly after Tommy's post went viral, another image appeared on his page showing an elephant and a without clothes man (this time shown from behind).

The gullible image saw the elephant ask the man: "How do you breathe thanks to that small thing?" (We'll tell you the joke.)

However, fans are not easily distracted, with most of the comments being variations on a question: what happened?

"Two hours ago were we going to pretend like nothing happened?!!" Oddly enough, this isn't the first time Tommy's private part has hit the headlines recently.