The Taft High School  team was no doubt on the field at Bron Bacevich Memorial Stadium on Thursday night.

The visiting senators defeated Roger Bacon 32-0 in one of the opening games of the 25th  Skyline Chile Crosstown Showdown.

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"Taft's coach, Tyler Williams, said, "We expected them to perform like that. "I hope they come out and overwhelm the person in front of them all the time

and regardless of the final score, as long as we win, that's fine with me." Leading behind, Gavin Crawford scored four hasty touchdowns to claim the Showdown MVP title. 

Taft's defense was dominant, including several sacks from junior full-back Elias Rudolph as well as the contributions of senior midfielder Ronald Cutts,

Senior defensive midfielder Lance Byndon and senior defender Geneo Jackson , among others. Young defender Quinton Price has two interceptions. 

 "Our defense is dead," Williams said. "They didn't drop any points. The attack started a bit slow in the first half, but in the second half they pulled back.

 We had to clean up some penalties and the first leg and I feel that we are. is a good organization. football team this year." 

 Roger Bacon did not find the rhythm unpleasant. Sparta coach Mike Blaut was impressed with Taft and his team's talent.  “They deserve it all,” Blaut said.  

Crawford scored two goals in the first half as Taft led 12-0 after halftime. He scored two more goals in the second half. 

Senior Jahmar Richardson scored a goal from short range in his dying seconds.  Crawford, who has a purse offer from Purdue, scored five goals against Woodward last season.

He certainly enjoyed the chance to find the end zone four times on Thursday night. "My thought was to come  here and play football," Crawford said. "Play non-stop. Don't give up.

 Crawford has added 20 pounds to his frame this season and kept his pace, which keeps him active in the backyard, Williams said. 

 "I think he's running harder than most other runs in town right now," Williams said. "And as our line moved, Gavin saw the holes and ran - the sky was the limit for him." 

Rudolph, who has more than 40 scholarship offers, played about 70 times in total between attack & defense on Thursday night. His motivation on the defensive side is hard to match

“We played hard all night,” said Rudolph. "We're doing our best. We had a great time tonight. We were  flying and making great plays. We loved it."

 Taft (1-0) will soon  focus on hosting Wyoming at 6:30pm. August 26 at Stargel Stadium. Roger Bacon (0-1) will face Aiken on August 26. 

"We have something special going on," Rudolph said of the Senators. "What I love most about this team is the chemistry & love we have for each other & that's what makes us great."