This season, the Lions had reason to bring Boyle and Braff back to one-year contracts.

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Boyle is Goff's primary replacement for 2021, but this year the two will be second in training camp. I spend my time attacking my team. 

Manager Dan Campbell said this week, "Both of us are feeling better than we did last spring. Boyle is coming to Detroit in 2021 after acquiring MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

Annual support. In his first season with the Lions, Boyle had a chance to start three games for Goff. 

 Although he led 3-0 in those games and threw only three touchdowns against six interceptions, Boyle said his learning experience in those games was very good. 

 "It was key for him to represent himself in last year's game," Boyle said. He doesn't really know what he knows until it's in these game situations.

His three starters last year have been incredible for his development as a midfielder. Blau, meanwhile, has been in Detroit since 2019, 

When the Lions traded a conditional seventh-round pick to the Cleveland Browns for the former Purdue quarterback. 

Getting a chance to start his freshman year with the Lions when Matthew Stafford and reserve Jeff Driskel were injured, Braff was also undefeated in five NFL starts.

Both midfielders will have to step up and prove they can win games, but helping Goff prepare for game week is an important role for the backup quarterback. 

"It was a team effort," Braff said. "While one is on the field, we work alongside him all week to deliver the best product in the field.

Boyle and Blough will get their first chance to prove it in the game scene when the Lions host the Atlanta Falcons on Friday in both teams' pre-season opener. 

NOTE: Detroit's first-round pick, Jameson Williams changed his shirt No from 18 to 9, matching NO that Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford used to wear during his 12 years with Lions

Number 9 is vacant for 2021, Detroit's first season since negotiations with Stafford. Williams remains on the non-football injury list with a torn ACL,

And the Lions have not given a timeline for his return. ... Campbell admitted he didn't watch Tuesday's first episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks" training camp documentary series, 

Which featured the Lions this year. Campbell received messages from friends about her arrival. "My roommates in college, they really liked me," Campbell said.