The Flash was arguably his one of her most anticipated releases of 2023, and everyone was really excited to see Ezra Miller in his iconic costume again.

But reports of Miller's cheating put an end to all the excitement surrounding the film, forcing Warner to rethink what Her Brothers should do.

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Warner Bros has confirmed that the production company has promised to bring the film to theaters. It showed once again that the situation was worse than expected. 

 A recent report suggests that the production giant is indeed considering multiple scenarios to address the issues posed by "The Flash" actors.

 I was thinking it could be resolved as it won't be published until next year. But  the pressure seems to be increasing day by day, and I am forced to think differently now.

Insiders claim that the production company is already preparing several scenarios amidst the  controversy.  

According to a report published by The Hollywood Reporter, WB said he plans three scenarios, one of which involves the film being scrapped.

Meanwhile, the first scenario urges the actor to seek professional help for his deviant behavior and to limit coverage of upcoming superhero movies.

 If that's the plan his WB is pursuing, Miller will give an interview explaining the reasons for his actions. 

Meanwhile, in the second scenario, Miller is completely sidelined during the promotion, while the other actors continue to promote the film as originally planned.

As mentioned, the third and final scenario is to cut the entire movie like we did with Batgirl. $200 million movie scrap would make him most shocking moments in cinema history.

As soon as the report was published online, social media shared their views on the scenario, saying they wanted the film to be "scrapped." 

They can't be after an interview with Ezra and can't promote a movie without a lead actor." Another social media user said, "SCRAFT THE FILM. 

On the other hand, there were also many who wanted the film to come out because everyone but Miller worked so hard  to make it happen. 

 One of his users said, "The second option is the best option for those who are in the movie and don't deserve to go through what the Batgirl cast and crew went through.

There is a possibility The next few weeks are therefore very important for the film and  for  everyone involved. 

The Flash also sees Sasha Kull and Michael Keaton, introduced as "Supergirl", again donning the iconic Batsuit. I rarely see it.