After practice, Bucks coach Todd Bowles said the 45-year-old Brady will be on hiatus from his team until after the second preseason game against the Titans on Aug 20.

Brady will miss at least Saturday's preseason opener against Dolphins, next week's practice with Titans in Nashville, and the preseason games that follow.

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Bowles didn't give much insight into the reasons for Brady's long absence, but said the Bucks have known this for some time. "He's going to handle some personal stuff," Bowles said

I knew I wouldn't be playing the first two games, so I wanted to do a two-week training camp, so we gave ourselves that time."

Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht told Tampa's WDAE radio that Brady's absence was planned long ago and he shouldn't worry.

"Of course we wanted him to do his thing," Licht said. "He is focused as usual. He will come back with more focus. It's the least of our worries. "

But due to a lack of details, Brady's week-plus vacation has fueled concerns that he's not fully committed to playing football this year.

He & his family are on a planned trip at this time when he was supposed to retire. His wife, Gisele Bündchen, has wanted Brady to retire for years, so she & her family can move on.

I can explain why I took 3 days off before & after my birthday. After Brady announced his retirement last February, what if he & Bündchen had planned a lavish vacation in August,

But he wasn't able to take it because he was always playing football? And that Brady made a leave of absence condition to return to the Bucks in March?

The Bucks are willing to sidestep Brady's schedule if it means he's back this season and is another Super Bowl contender.

Someone in Brady's family is dealing with health issues. NFL Network reported that Brady's absence was due to work-life balance and "not a medical emergency." 

That's certainly the scenario everyone is rooting for. Brady's parents are aging and his mother battled breast cancer six years ago.

But after practice Thursday, Bucks linebacker Devin White said it sounded like Brady was on to something.

Backs claimed Brady's absence was pre-planned. It is possible that he had previously informed her that a family member was sick and might need some time off.

He is also considering retirement. Brady has shown some signs that he's not fully committed to playing football. He quit once this offseason before changing his mind after 40 days

It's not 100% yes. It wouldn't be surprising if Brady decided he was playing enough football. His best friend, Rob Gronkowski, has retired. Brady's receiver is broken.