A new Redfin poll shows that a record 32.6% of Americans will travel from one metro to another in the second quarter of 2022

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up from 32.3% in the first quarter, well above the 26% pre-pandemic. We found out that we were going to move to Metro.

"A typical home in San Francisco or San Jose today would cost over $1.5 million. Add in his over 5% mortgage rate today, and the monthly payment is very high."

“These factors, plus more companies giving their employees permanent flexibility to work remotely, are driving more buyers to consider housing in other parts of the country.

"Those who need to over budget in Los Angeles may be able to afford a comfortable home in Phoenix or San Antonio," added Marr.

San Francisco posted the highest net outflows of any major U.S. metropolis in the second quarter,

So which cities are experiencing the biggest outflow of homebuyers?

flat from the first quarter, Redfin notes. Sacramento was the main destination for out-of-state immigrants, 

 and most out-of-state immigrants went to Seattle. Los Angeles followed, with most moving in-state to San Diego or out-of-state to Phoenix, Arizona.

New York, Washington DC. , Seattle, boston, detroit, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis,

Rounding out the top 10 cities with the most homebuyers leaving, according to the survey.

In terms of cities with the most inflows, Miami was the most popular migration destination in both Q2 and Q1 of 2022.

 It's the most common origin of homebuyers considering moving to New York, according to research.......

Tampa was his second, followed by Phoenix, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Cape Coral (FL), San Diego, Northport (FL), San Antonio and Dallas.

manager in Tampa, Eric Auciello, said: “Rising mortgage rates forced some buyers out of the market, but eased competition & curbed bidding wars between locals & non-residents.

Many buyers who were bidding higher are now accepting bids and in some cases even able to take advantage of FHA loans to pay lower down payments and meet valuation risks.”