If Tuesday's mission wasn't hard enough -- MLS' worst trip across the continent to play the best MLS in his two-day prep -

D.C.  Captain Stephen Birnbaum  early in the second half. United went infinitely big when they lost with a red card. 

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 United had adapted to the new player just as one would expect from a bottom-placed team, beating top-flight Los Angeles FC and creating  better scoring chances. 

But as soon as Birnbaum stepped into the dressing room, United's noble tenacity crumbled. Five minutes into the game, 

Mahalo Pok broke his deadlock in the 67th minute and LAFC won his 1-0, extending the winning streak to seven and ending DC's goalless streak. Extended to 4 games.  

United (6-15-4) have not won  or scored  since Wayne scored a superb goal against Orlando in his Rooney debut.  It's not that I haven't had a chance.

Birnbaum were stripped away by goalkeeper Maxime Klepoux in the first half, with Taxis Fontas hitting the left post from 30 yards two minutes after Opok's goal. 

The schedule isn't easy: on Saturday, United will host the Philadelphia Union (13-3-9). It sits at the top of Eastern team in his conference, 6 weeks ago when he beat D.C. 7-0.

David, 21-year-old goalkeeper who Real acquired last month on his Salt Lake deal, said Ochoa is one of his 6 summer acquisitions to make his DC debut in recent weeks, was his fifth

Former Crystal Palace striker Christian Benteke will complete his arrival once his work visa is completed - June 8 if he doesn't make it in time for Saturday's game. 28  Atlanta.  

 Ochoa —  The Southern California native  chose to represent the Mexican national team against the United States last year.

Squads –  Added to  the lineup a few games ago. But he still had one regular-season game , & Looney wanted him to build up his stamina & sharpness in ongoing feud with Salt Lake. 

United's yellow card problem escalated, and within ten minutes early in the second half, Birnbaum  was sent off after receiving two. (He will miss Saturday's game.) 

 LAFC took advantage of a counter-attack led by Carlos Vela who touched the ball wide to Cristian his Arango. 

 Arango pulled away from Ochoa and crossed to Opoku for an easy finish into the empty net.  Two minutes later, Fountas hits the post. LAFC controlled the rest of the game,