So what do you get with a Nest Aware subscription, and is it worth the recurring fee?

Image Credit : Google

 A key benefit of  Nest Aware subscriptions is a rich subscription history. By default, the Nest camera only records 3 hours of his event history.

 1. What is Google Nest Aware? 

 An "event" is a short clip triggered by sound or motion. It's good enough when you're awake and within cell phone range, 

Google Nest Doorbell Battery  Nest Cam batteries can be used indoors with the stand, but are really intended for outdoor use only.  

 2. Nest Aware Compatible devices 

The Nest Hub Max is an essential part of a complete Google smart home setup, especially if you have  Nest Aware.

Nest Hub Max

The wired-only Nest Cam itself isn't much value compared to its competitors. your home with other of Nest Aware devices makes it more appealing. 

Nest Cam wired

 In the standard US version, Nest Aware costs $6/month or $60/year, and the second version saves you $12/year. 

3. How much does Nest Aware cost? 

 yes. A 30-day trial is available when you set up a compatible device with the Nest or Google Home apps.

4. Is there a free trial for Nest Aware? 

You can SIGNUP in Nest Aware or Aware Plus thru the Google Store or thru the Google Home app

5. How to Signup in Nest Aware