Being able to fight for the WBO-backed North American title excites Xander Zayas, who is said to be an exciting contender for Puerto Rican boxing.

Only 19 years old and he has a 13-0 record (9 KOs), Zayas hopes to eventually head for the springboard to contend for the world title, but achieving that goal will be difficult.

Must fight mercilessly in Las Vegas tonight. "This card means a lot to me. The most important fight of my career so far. 

Image Credit : Nowboxing

My first championship fight and that with the Mexican Warriors. Puerto Rico and being the main character gives me goosebumps," Zayas told DAZN.

Zander knows that the knowledge that Puerto Rican boxing is looking for a face weighs heavily on his shoulders,

But he enjoys reaching out to the sport's elite rather than being overwhelmed by the pressure. 

I claim that there is "Since Cotto, no female boxer has pushed this level to the top. 

We have Amanda Serrano, but the men don't have that star. For me it's not a pressure, it's a responsibility.

 I'm having a good time doing what I love, but I know the time will come. Just keep winning and have a good time in the ring. ”

Zayas is aware that his opponent Elias of Mexico, his Espadas, is a veteran and has a wealth of experience, but he is confident he will be well prepared for this competition.

Mexicans know what they have, want & can give in the ring." I know what I have, but I can tell you it can be hard to stay focused at 19, but I've been doing this for a long time. 

Also, I have a great team and great parents to take me along. They know my goals and what to do. You keep me focused on that.

Zayas knows the odds are dwindling and, according to his predictions, hopes to fight for the 2023 world title.

“By the end of 2023, I feel like I have to be in the World Cup talks. But first, let's go to the Esperdas," Zayas concludes.