He still shoots his USAA commercials. His agent says he thinks he might be back during the season.Skip Bayless agrees.

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Fantasy football executives want Rob Gronkowski back. If not now, at least fantasy him in time for the  playoffs. 

 For a while he was a trending late-round pick in the best-ball format, but his ADP in the underdogs dropped from  113 to 215 last month. Gronk will be a best! But will he? 

Gronkowski will likely  be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the first round. 

 Fantasy Football Background by Rob Gronkowski

He has accumulated the third-most touchdown catches of all time for a tight end  and has the fifth-most rushing yards.

He originally retired after the 2018 season, but  returned to TE1 status after joining quarterback Tom Brady at Tampa Bay in 2020. 

 Although his goals and receptions were below his peak, he had seven TDs in his freshman year. He will have six TDs in 2021, increasing his goal numbers.

Rob Gronkowski  finished  TE5 on par and was TE3 on game average points despite missing four games. 

 It was reported that once Brady completed his 40-day retirement,

How did Rob Gronkowski deal with Tom Brady's return?

 The Buccaneers would try to re-sign Gronk as well.Some analysts were "sure" he would reunite with Brady. 

 The veteran tight end, who announced his retirement in 2020,........

  Mike Moraitis of Titans Wire wrote: 

Will return only to team up with his friend Brady and will almost certainly want to reunite with him and freehand Gronk off the board. 

 Brady wanted him  back. In late April, Gronk said he hadn't made up his mind yet. Finally, on June 21st, Gronk announced its decision.

He spent most of his July convincing us that he was 100% sure and that Brady wouldn't be back when he called. At this point, no one can be sure he will never retire.

Retired Rob Gronkowski  and O.J. Howard signed with the Bills during the offseason,

Will Kyle Rudolph take on the role of Rob Gronkowski? 

while the Bucks signed former Vikings Kyle Rudolph. From 2016 to 2018 he caught 50 or more passes in three straight seasons,

but last season with the Giants he  caught 26 passes for 257 yards and a TD. Achieved. The move suggests the Bucks believe Gronkowski is sincere in wanting to retire. 

Gronkowski's absence will keep Tampa Bay's passing game going into the 2022 season. is an important factor