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    Microsoft Windows 11 was officially released in 2015 as the first biggest Windows update since Windows 10. Windows 11 has a lot of great features, including lots of visual changes like Android app support and support for custom widgets. Learn everything about Windows 11 features here. Windows 11 downloads are available to all Windows 10 users as long as their computers are compatible. Overview of Windows 11 recommendations and additional system requirements for free installation of newly introduced operating systems..

    Recommended system requirement for Windows 11:

    Windows 11 is compatible with most existing laptops and PCs. However, your PC/laptop must have the following special requirements:.

    Processor:- 64-bit compatible SoC (processor on chip) or system with 2, 4 or more cores of 1 GHz or more faster.
    Storage: 64GB or larger storage device
    RAM: 4GB
    System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable
    TPM: (TPM) version 2.0
    Display: Full HD HD (720p) over 9 inches diagonal, 8 bits per color channel.
    Graphics card: DirectX 12 or higher compatible with Windows Display Driver Mode 2.0 driver. .

    Microsoft Account and Internet Connection : Windows 11 Suite: Microsoft Account and Internet Connection to complete device setup the first time you use any version of Windows 11: Internet access to update, download and use certain features. Microsoft describes specific tasks.

    Here are the basics of installing Windows 11 on your computer. If your system does not meet these recommended requirements, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 and have your PC or laptop replaced by 2025. The company has also published specific hardware requirements for the Windows 11 features. Please check the following requirements. Additional Systems Systems for Windows 11.

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    windows 11 operating system

    Windows 11 additional hardware system requirements :

    5G capable modem for 5G
    HDR monitor for Auto HDR
    USB flash drive require for BitLocker to Go which is already available in Windows Professional or later.
    The Hyper-V client requires a SLAT-compatible processor (available in Windows Professional and later).
    Cortana requires a external or internal microphone and speaker and is currently available for Windows 11 in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, UK and USA.
    DirectSorage requires a NVME solid-state drive (in short SSD) store and run games that use the standard NVM Express controller driver and DirectX 12 GPU support with Shader Model 6.0.
    supported graphics chips and game is available with DirectX 12 Ultimate .
    To use presence, you need a sensor that can detect a person’s distance from the device, or a sensor that can interact with the device.
    Smart video conferencing must requires a camera, microphone and speakers (audio output).
    Multiple voice assistants (MVAs) require a microphone and speakers. Most voice assistants (MVAs) require a microphone and speakers.
    The 3-line snap design requires a screen which is at least 1920 pixels wide.
    You need a camera, microphone and speaker (audio output) to mute/mute the taskbar sound. Applications must be compatible with the Universal Silent/Silent feature.
    Spatial Voice requires hardware and software support.
    Your team will need a camera, microphone and speakers (audio output).
    you must requires a monitor or screen that must supports multi-touch To use Touch feautures,
    . A PIN, biometric data (camera with illuminated infrared or fingerprint reader ), or a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled phone requires for Two-factor authentication.
    Voice input requires a computer with a microphone.
    Audible alarms require a newer model power supply and microphone.
    Wi-Fi 6e requires a WLAN IHV hardware device, drivers and a new Wi-Fi 6e compatible router/access point.
    Windows Hello requires a camera that is configured for near-infrared imaging (IR) or fingerprint readers for biometric. Biometric sensor devices can use Windows Hello with compatible Microsoft Pins or cellular security tokens.
    Windows projections require a graphics card that supports WDDM (Windows Display Driver Models) and Wi-Fi cards that support Wi-Fi Direct.
    Xbox Live account requires for Xbox (APP) , but its not available in any regions. For the latest availability information, see the country and direct Xbox regions. Some Xbox features require Xbox Game Pass subscription.
    Finally, make sure that you have enough empty space to install updates and that your hardware is still supported by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to maintain the latest Windows 11.

    How do you check if your laptop or pc can be able to load Windows 11 perfectly or can’t

    If you are not sure if your PC has this condition, you have to use the Microsoft PC Health Check. This system scans your system to make sure your computer meets the Windows 11 recommended system.
    To do so, download Microsoft’s Health Check on your PC
    Open the file,before clicking install you have to agree to the terms and conditions,
    Check the next box to ‘Open PC Health Check’ and hit Finish
    After this, On the apps Start screen, the Check Now button next to the Windows 11 display indicates that PC Health is scanning your PC at a glance.

    win 11 free upgrade

    If the windows 11 is never compatible with your device , you will see the message.This PC does not run the latest Windows 11. Also, it does not cover detailed system requirements for the Windows 11. Free upgrade (win 11 free upgrade) versions of supported Windows 10 PCs will start this holiday season and run through 2022.

    Download windows 11

    The Windows 11 beta version is available for immediate download, but the regular version will be available later. At the last minute, there were details to say goodbye to Windows 10. get in touch for download link


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