OpenAI : Will DALL-E 2 destroy your creative career?

Will DALL-E 2 destroy your creative career?

Last week, OpenAI announced that it would extend beta access to its powerful image generation AI solution, DALL-E 2, to over 1 million users through a paid subscription model. We also provided these users with full usage rights to commercialize images, including the right to reprint, sell and sell images created with DALL-E.

The announcement made the tech world enthusiastic, but the result from a random DALL-E prompt like “Steampunk Jesus DMT’s Journey Under an Electron Microscope” to “A Dark Wizard with a Magic Smartphone”. The Twitter feed ending with “Magic” was almost happy, but it seems that many questions that lead to the next question remain under the hood.

Creatives respond to OpenAI`s increased access

Overall, the creatives who VentureBeat reached out to seem to be taking the appearance of DALL-E on the scene in stride – and explore the tool’s potential to increase productivity and efficiency and take advantage of its creative support.

“For enterprise clients, this technology can provide a vehicle to get from idea to concept and then help to refine the concept much faster,” said Andy Martins, global head of innovation at Tim Lewis, a London-based PR agency.

Andy Martins, global head of innovation at Tim Lewis, a London-based PR agency said. “Creators can use this tool to develop their first ideas and create variations on existing designs and concepts, which gives them a higher level of creative control.”

Meghan Goetz, marketing director of digital agency CrowdFavorite, points out that corporate brand clients often have rigorous brand guides and user personas that require an in-house marketing and design team.. “These teams can use DALL-E to create new, unique, or custom stock media that’s perfect for campaigns that require a particular design style,” she said. “This can be a great tool for prototyping and inspiration for design assets, but image modification and editing is a great way to save time and money with these tools. It’s a way. “

Juan Pablo Madrid, senior director of design innovation at New Orleans-based creative agency OnlineOptimism, said increasing access to DALL-E is an opportunity for designers to update their workflows. He said he thinks it’s similar to the widely used AI-powered algorithm that simplifies image processing with tools such as Adobe Photoshop.
“In some examples from other designers, DALL-E 2 is used to create realistic mockups of branded material and original images for blog posts.” He added.

However, creative professionals find the issue of ownership and copyright unclear.

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Will DALL-E 2 destroy your creative career? Image Credit : Google Image

“For preofessional or commercially, I have a question about the ownership copyright of images created by such a AI tools like DALL-E2. Do the images belong to DALL-E2 or the creative that directed it? Said Martinus. “”If owned by [OpenAI], would you like to purchase the right to use it and allow others to use the image in the same way as a stock image?” This is a long-term alternative to stock images. Will it be? “

Goetz agrees that ownership looks “a little vague,” and states that “it tends to avoid uncertainty when it comes to image and design assets” when it works for a particular brand. The license applies.

Madrid said he was reluctant to use tools like DALL-E 2 for high quality client work. “… does not have the yhe user an exclusive copyright. Therefore, unless you are prepared for the possibility of proceedings regarding the produced work, the designer to the advertising agency. It is not advisable to consider eliminating the. “

However, he proposes to reassess Stock Photo’s expensive subscription plan.
“The ability to create virtually any image from price and text input is very appealing,” he said.

He wishes an artist-friendly future, says OpenAI
OpenAI points out that artists and creative people are already using DALL-E in many projects.

“We hope DALL-E can be used by artists, designers and photographers as a tool to support the creative process,” said an OpenAI spokeswoman.

Its a great tool as photo editing software became more powerful and accessible, more people were able to take pictures. In recent years, some artists have used AI to create new types of art. “

Martinus emphasized that DALL-E2 and other tools should not be seen as a threat to the creative arena. “People tend to’hack’the tools and use them for tasks beyond their original intent,” he said. “I expect the same from DALL-E2. People use it, but in a different way than we expect. “

Overall, Getz added that he has not yet considered these tools to be fully adopted.
“Many clients and projects require human-sided expertise and experience in the final production,” she said.

OpenAI for commercial DALL-E 2

On the one hand, what does DALL-E’s AI-supported commercial use of images mean for the creative industry and employees, from graphic designers and video artists to PR companies, advertising agencies and marketing teams? Imagine, for example, that an illustrator has completely disappeared?

According to OpenAI, the answer is no. DALL-E is a tool that “improves and extends the creative process,” an OpenAI spokeswoman told VentureBeat. Just as an artist looks at various works of art for inspiration, DALL-E can help an artist develop a creative concept.

“What I’ve heard from artists and users is that human guidance is needed to properly express ideas,” a spokeswoman said. But how can anyone creating an image using DALLE-2 know that it’s their work? Finally, if you’re using DALLE-2, just type in the command prompt. How can the outcome of this challenge be their own? Are they really artists if they are allowed to sell these works commercially?

OpenAI insists that DALL-E creates the original image, stating: Similar to how it was learned as a child, DALL-E2 learned the relationship between images and the text used to describe them. For example, DALL-E can use pictures of Paris to see what the city of Paris looks like, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Seine. Displaying the “Paris” prompt on DALL-E 2 creates a unique and original image of Paris based on what you have learned about Paris.

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