Top 10 best racing games for android : Tech Monster

best racing games for android: Tech Monster

    best racing games for android Overview:

    Well there’s no insufficiency of apps and games on the Google Play Store. If we talk mainly about the games, Google Play Store divides games into categories. For example, there are arcade games, mind games, and more. Google Play Store also has games for car lovers, and not only that, it has a separate section for car racing games. So, if you are a car racing fan and looking for the best games to play on your Android phone or device, you are reading the right article. .

    List of Top 10 best racing games for android :

    This article introduces the top twenty best racing games for android device . Most of the listed games are 100% free to use on your device and you won’t get bored. Lets see .

    1. Real Racing 3
      Real Racing 3 is a famous geme with high-quality graphics and texture. With more than 500 million users in play stores, Real Racing 3 is the best car racing game for Android. This game offers 40+ licensed songs located in 19 real world locations. Also, there are 43 different car grids and more than 250 detailed sports cars carefully.
    2. Need For Speed No Limits
      Need a limitless speed of the EA Games is another Android car racing game available on the Google Play Store. This was developed by the same team behind real popular racing 3. This is a car racing game known as HD graphics. You need to win the race, increase your representative, adjust / improve your car in this game. This game offers many real-world racing songs and cars to play.
    3. Horizon Chase – World Tour
      Horizon Chase is ones of the very unique and most addictive car racing games that you have ever played on Android. This game was inspired by a big hit 80s and 90s. about this game, the most important thing is that it returns the graphical context of a 16-bit generation. So, if you are a retro racing gamer, you will definitely like this game.
    4. Offroad Legends 2
      If you like monster truck, desert truck games on your android smartphone then you are in the right place for offroad legends. The game is known for its advanced graphics, unique physics and very attractive cars. It is a great car racing game which includes 16 precision vehicles and more than 64 off-road racing.
    5. Rush Rally 3
      Play the most iconic racing simulation on mobile at an incredible 60 frames per second. The game is very popular because it offers console quality racing on mobile devices. This is a premium app for about $1, but no more in-app purchases. You can connect your Facebook or Google Play game account to Rush Rally 3 to compete with your friends on social media.
    6. Rally Racer Dirt
      Rally Racer Dirt is one of the best drift based racing games for Android. Climbing, drifting on asphalt, real drifting on the ground. Rally With Drift Rally Racer Dirt offers the most realistic and amazing controls in a rally game. Enjoy realistically tuned physics, crisp graphics, vehicles and racing tracks.
    7. M.U.D. Rally Racing
      Well, M.U.D. Rally Racing is for those who want to simulate a real rally on their Android mobile device. The beauty of MUD Rally Racing means you can drive at high speeds at 60 fps on mud, snow, dirt and asphalt. The game has racing tracks and cool racing cars. Also a multiplayer mode is There where you can challenge to your friends and players from all over the globe.
    8. Road Racing
      If you are a game lover and want to play old games on your Android smartphone, you will love best racing game like Road Racing for sure. It’s a classic game for PC, which is now available for Android devices. The game is not high-in graphics, but it’s pretty addictive, and it’s a good one to spend some spare time.
    9. Asphalt 9: Legends
      Asphalt 9: Legend is the latest in the Asphalt Gameloft series. The game has better soundtrack and graphics than the successful Asphalt 8: Airborne game. The game has very high graphics and the gameplay is addictive. The missions in the game are similar to those in Asphalt 8: Airborn.
    10. Real-Drift Car Racing
      Now Real-Drift Car Racing is ones of the best racing games you can play on your Android device. The great thing about Real-Drift Car Racing is its great graphics. Also, the gameplay is clean and addictive. In addition, the controls are beautifully designed to provide a true driving experience.

    So these are the best racing games for android. We hope this article is very helpful. Share with your friends. If you have questions, tell us in the comments section below.

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