Escape From Tarkov is a beta that feels like forever. The router shooter  first hit screens  in his 2017 and came with a full pre-order his pack of games required to  access beta.

From  14:01 PT / 17:01 ET / 22:01 BST on August 3 to 13:59 PT / 16:59 ET / 21:59 BST on August 6, new and existing players will be able to redeem their existing packages.

You can pre-order or upgrade, discounted price. According to a tweet posted on Tarkov's official  page, the Standard, Left Behind and Prepare for Escape editions are all 15% off.

 Meanwhile, the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition is available for an additional 20% bargain price. 

Image Credit : Instagram.

 It also saves money for those looking to upgrade  existing packages. All pre-order pack upgrades come with a cool 15% discount. 

Players should also note that "permanent discounts for purchasing multiple pre-orders as gifts are not cumulative with  holiday discounts."

Standard version: $38.25 / €29.74  Leftover Edition: $63.75 / €49.29

 This is how the price will come out after saving.

Prepare  Escape Edition: $85 / €67.99 The Edge of Darkness Limited Edition: $112 ($119 for upgrade) / €87.99 (€93.49 for upgrade)

Price will come out after saving. 

If you've been waiting for prices to drop, now's the perfect time for him to jump on Tarkov or grab some extra pre-order goodies. 

Check out the latest Escape From Tarkov patch notes to  prepare  for your upcoming trip to Norvinsk. Thank you  later.